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  • pediPets Leather
    Collar & Leash
    Coordinate baby's shoes with our fur baby collars and leashes made from premium genuine leather. Designed with the whole family in mind.
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  • Bring on the pumpkin patches
    Soft and Cozy for Baby
    These ferociously cute booties are non-toxic and perfect to keep little toes protected this season.
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  • Perfect Shoe For Active Toddlers
    Our Grip ‘n’ Go™ shoes provide toddlers with the ideal combination of comfort, protection and flexibility. Move into these styles once your child is walking 20 - 30 steps on their own.
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  • ♥ ♥ ♥
    pediped® ensures to use chemical free processes to develop and produce our healthy line of childrens' footwear. We actively seek Eco-friendly suppliers and materials and put our shoes through extensive testing to be sure our products are safe for the softest of skins!
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