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"Our daughter Madelynn does not like wearing shoes one bit so when we saw that pediped® are the"next best thing to bare feet" we were excited. Sure enough, she loves them! She preferred crawling over walking until we started wearing pediped®. Now, she actually brings her shoes to us so we can put them on her and off she goes. Incredible!"
Rob Marciano, co-anchor Entertainment Tonight
"I am in love with pediped® shoes! My daughter has been wearing them since she was a baby and continues to wear them now at age 5! They have the cutest designs and my daughter says they are really comfortable too."
Nancy O'Dell, co-anchor Entertainment Tonight
"My three daughters love their cute and comfortable pediped® shoes!"
Gabby Reece, actress
"In love with Sebella’s little pediped® shoes. Great for those 1st steps! And soooo cute! Son divinos."
Roselyn Sanchez, actress
"River's shoes are top priority living in the Tahoe area. From hiking, trail walking, beach going, and all other places I take him---these shoes are the best. The last pair he had he wore for 2 years...size 24. I ordered a 26 this time and they fit perfectly with room to grow. I'm so happy they came in all brown because the last pair in blue/orange I couldn't find blue shoe polish. He looks handsome and stylish and is so happy on his feet at the same time. Thank you pediped® for having cushy comfy shoes for my super cool kid."
Jenny (California)
"We got these comfy new pediped® shoes just in time for Easter, and we love them. They are perfect for this occasion, and will look sweet on her little feet for months to come, whatever the occasion. Thanks for making such soft comfortable and adorable shoes for our babies."
Una (Baltimore, MD)
"Hannah and Allison love their pediped® shoes! They match so many of their outfits. But best of all they are very comfortable and the girls love wearing them!"
Laura V. (Sarasota, FL)
"Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. My son was having difficulty walking and we have been in PT for a few months when I realized those chunky sneakers where too heavy for him. My son is a bigger child, so he needed a light shoe, but he has a wide foot. I went out and purchased him a pair of pediped® shoes. Your shoes are perfect and I'm happy to report that he is zooming around everywhere with his pediped® shoes. I will be blogging about his improvement in PT and your wonderful shoes."
Courtney L.
"My 17-month-old daughter absolutely loves her pediped® shoes. I try to put other shoes on her and she starts to kick, scream, and cry....then I put her pink Abigal shoes on and she is happy as can be, running all over the place. Thank you for making such wonderful shoes."
Britt G.
"We absolutely love your shoes! They are absolutely the best for long walks with our toddler. She loves them and is always comfortable in them."
Christine K.
"We LOVE our pediped® shoes! I bought them for my 6 month old and he lives in them. They are so comfortable that he doesn't 'complain' when I put them on. He had great stability in them yet they are soft enough for him to nap in. Thanks so much for a great product!"
Kellie M. (San Bernadino, CA)
"I really think that the company has done a great job making all the improvements that have already been done. These shoes are by far the best baby and toddler shoes I have ever seen. These shoes show how great they are by the way they fit. These pediped® shoes are top in comfort and softness."
Paula R. (Beaumont, TX)
"I bought 4 pairs of shoes from other stores and they are so uncomfortable, bulky and hard to get on my son's feet. Nothing compares to pediped® shoes. My son has owned 2 pairs of pediped® shoes since he was 11 months old and he absolutely LOVES them. He's now 14 months old and he can't stop tallking about his shoes. The best part is that he enjoys putting them on and walking in them all day long. They are so comfortable, easy to put on and very STYLISH. I've recommended your shoes to all my friends. Thank you for making great quality, stylish shoes. We can't wait to buy your rubber-soled shoes."
Maria P. (San Diego, CA)