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Intellectual Property and Patents Pending

pediped® footwear has built a brand and reputation that is high quality and immediately recognizable. Our commitment to comfort, exceptional quality and style has earned our company a loyal following. pediped® footwear actively protects its intellectual property.

  • pediped® has invested a significant amount of energy on research and development and advertising.
  • Infringers do not carry this cost burden and may present lower quality footwear with no R&D or advertising costs.
  • pediped® obtained a judgment in US federal court determining that it is the owner of a distinctive trade dress featured in its pediped® Originals® line of children's footwear and in the distinctive packaging elements of its shoes.
  • Companies that sell similar or infringing shoes damage our market and our retailers by selling sub-standard quality footwear, diminishing the brand, and not controlling the channels in which they are sold (ie., ebay, co-ops and home based businesses).

We take our intellectual property very seriously and will fight to defend it against unauthorized users. Please do not accept substitutions. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to create wonderful shoes for little ones around the world.