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Leather Safety

pediped® footwear understands that nothing is more important than your child’s safety. The materials used in children's products are often a concern for parents, especially when those products find their way into little ones' mouths! Leather is one material that may be of particular concern. Rest assured that pediped® footwear is committed to offering only products that adhere to the most stringent standard for leather safety guidelines available. These guidelines, known as the British and European Safety Standard for Toys (EN 71-3), ensure that infants and children’s products do not contain harmful levels of any toxic substances.

We also comply with all product safety rules and regulations as established by the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). You can click here to view our compliance certificate. You can also visit the CPSIA website for more information about the requirements that must be met.

To guarantee that pediped® shoes are safe, we conduct thorough, random tests at the nation’s foremost leather testing facility. We also conduct regular tests within our own facilities. Testing ensures that we meet the stringent safety guidelines above, and great efforts must be made to comply.

Your child’s safety is and always will be our top priority, so you can be confident that pediped® footwear is among the safest footwear available.