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By submitting the photo(s) and other information, you represent and agree that: (a) you are the parent or legal guardian of the child with authority to submit the photo, provide the information and comment, and agree to these terms, and (b) you grant us full rights to reproduce and publish the photograph, with or without the accompanying information and comment, and otherwise use any or all of them in marketing and advertising materials, such as on our website, in catalogues, in social media, and in advertisements. The grant of rights is effective worldwide, for an unlimited number of times, applicable to all media and means of use now known and hereafter conceived and applicable, without any obligation for payment, to us and to entities acting with our consent. You also understand and agree that the photo and accompanying name, address and comment may be cropped, edited and otherwise altered, in pediped's® discretion, to accommodate the permitted uses and that pediped® may transfer its rights in whole or part under these terms. We cannot guarantee, however, that the submitted photo, information and comment will actually be used. Please include contact information with your submission so that we may notify you if the photo you submit has been selected as a winner.