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pediped® cares about the health and well being of your child’s growing feet. We have performed extensive research and testing to develop the latest technologies in children’s footwear. From our unique memory foam insoles to our light-weight, water-safe footwear, our innovative features ensure support and comfort for little feet. Take a look below to learn about the different technologies available in many pediped® shoes.

Ultra Light Technology
Ultra Light Technology™ is specially designed to support kids’ feet in all activities while remaining light as air. Ultra Light Technology™ includes flex grooves for natural foot movement and maximum flexibility, heel cushioning that distributes pressure evenly, and a breathable mesh upper that allows airflow through the body of the shoe.
G2 Technology
G2 Technology™ (available in pediped Grip ‘n’ Go™ shoes) provides active toddlers with the ideal combination of protection and flexibility as they improve their walking ability. G2 Technology™ includes a specialized soft rubber sole, rounded edges that mimic the natural shape of a child’s foot, heel stability and a soft toe box that allows toes to curl and grip the floor. Look for shoes with G2 Technology™ in pediped Grip 'n' Go™ shoes.
Flex Fit System™
With the Flex Fit System™, each pair of pediped Flex® closed-toe shoes comes with an additional 2 millimeter insole to customize the fit of the shoe so it is just right for each child. These insoles can reduce a shoe size by almost half a size.

To use, simply lift the colored insole that comes inside the shoe and place the white additional insole underneath. Afterward, be sure to replace the original insole as this will be the layer next to your child’s foot. Check the fit: shoes should fit snug, but not tight. When there is no need for the extra white insole, simply take it out and use the original insole by itself. This insole should remain in the shoe at all times to ensure comfort for your child.

Please note: Flex Fit System™ inserts are not available with sandals and Adventure (water) styles.
Memory Foam Technology™
The bones in a child’s foot are composed of cartilage, which eventually hardens to form 26 permanent bones per foot. These bones will need to last a lifetime. A shoe that is too rigid or too tight can effectively change the shape of a child’s foot, but pediped® footwear with Memory Foam Technology™ (MFT™) helps ensure an excellent fit and outstanding comfort. MFT™ includes a memory foam insole that shapes perfectly to a child’s foot, thus acting like a custom insole and supporting the foot in all the right places. MFT™ also provides excellent absorption, prevents foot slippage in the shoe and improves the fit of every shoe. MFT™ is available in select Grip ‘n’ Go™ (for active toddlers) and Flex® (for confident walkers).
Machine Washable
No more dirty shoes! pediped Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex® feature select styles that are machine washable. To wash, simply remove all insoles and place shoes in the washing machine. For best results, wash shoes alone in cold water, on gentle cycle. Do not add bleach; use regular detergent. Allow shoes to air dry with Velcro open (away from sunlight) before re-inserting the insoles. Do not put shoes in the dryer.
Water-safe Shoes
Our water-safe shoes are light-weight, eco-friendly, and able to handle dunks and splashes, so they still look great after a day at the pool or beach. Soft Neoprene lining keeps them water-safe inside and out, while a natural rubber sole and toe cap provide flexibility and protection. Best of all, these shoes are machine washable! Look for water-safe technology in select pediped Flex® styles.
Eco-friendly Material
The eco-friendly microfiber used in our Adventure Line and select athletic shoes is made with a solvent-free manufacturing process. This process results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions and reduced water and energy use. Look for eco-friendly shoes in select styles of Grip ‘n’ Go™ (for active toddlers) and Flex® (for confident walkers).
Slip Resistant Sole
Not only is the all natural leather sole on pediped® Originals incredibly flexible, but it also features a diamond tread to provide slip resistance.
Temperature Rated
Comfort and style take on the cold! With pediped® Cold Weather boots, feet can brave the elements while staying cozy and dry. With a temperature rating of -20°C, a strong, water-resistant nylon outer and a waterproof membrane, Cold Weather boots protect feet from moisture and cold. Sealed seams also help to keep out snow and rain while sealing in warmth. A gusseted tongue helps prevent snow, dirt, and water from working their way inside the boot. A rugged yet flexible sole allows for natural foot movement and is also self-cleaning, so snow and sludge can stay outside where they belong.   

Cold Weather boots are available in the pediped Flex® line.
pediped's line of Cold Weather boots are constructed with a combination of waterproof materials including leather and nylon to keep feet comfortable and dry. The waterproof membrane and gusseted tongue ensure protection from cold weather elements.
Self-Cleaning Rugged Sole
pediped's Cold Weather boots feature self-cleaning rugged soles specially designed to be flexible for natural foot movement in all weather conditions. They are easy to clean! Simply bend the sole of the boot to remove rocks and dried dirt.