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Customer Reviews for Grip n Go Sabrina - White

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4 out of 5 stars (Average out of 5 reviews)
This shoes runs BIG!
My daughter's first 2 shoes are from Pediped and I love them so I decided to purchase these shoes for her. She is 13 months and wears size US 5.5. I was excited when these shoes arrived but was disappointed once I had my daughter put them on. They were extremely big. I could place my entire middle finger in the back between her heal and the back of the shoes, and there was still plenty of room left. I even went to a competitor store to measure her feet and they agreed that her shoe size is 5.5 so I think these shoes run extremely big as my daughter does not have narrow feet. I am giving a score of 3 because (1) the shoes came within a few days of my order and (2) great customer service. When I called Pediped, the customer service rep, Ashley, was very polite. Although this was a final sale, Ashley told me to send the shoes back and they would give me a store credit that I could use to order a smaller size. I love these shoes so I hope the smaller size will fit my daughter.
Overall Fit: too large
Favorite Features: style
Best shoes
Best baby shoes ever!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: quality
Love them!
I've never been disappointed by pediped!! My daughters walking improved immediately with pediped shoes!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability
très jolis chaussures peut etre un peu rigide sur le haut du pied (ma fille a le pied fort)
Overall Fit: too small
Favorite Features: style,quality
Best shoes ever
Great price, received on time, great shoes.I will never hesitate to buy from pediped.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability