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"River's shoes are top priority living in the Tahoe area. From hiking, trail walking, beach going, and all other places I take him---these shoes are the best. The last pair he had he wore for 2 years...size 24. I ordered a 26 this time and they fit perfectly with room to grow. I'm so happy they came in all brown because the last pair in blue/orange I couldn't find blue shoe polish. He looks handsome and stylish and is so happy on his feet at the same time. Thank you pediped for having cushy comfy shoes for my super cool kid. —Jenny (California)

"We got these comfy new pediped® shoes just in time for Easter, and we love them.  They are perfect for this occasion, and will look sweet on her little feet for months to come, whatever the occasion.  Thanks for making such soft comfortable and adorable shoes for our babies." — Una (Baltimore, MD)

"pediped® shoes are great for all kinds of terrain.  Sabina wears them at home in the mountains, and here she is exploring the desert in her pediped® shoes, too.  She loves these shoes!"

"Michelle and her dad love the ocean. No trip is complete without her polka dot Grace from pediped®. They are tough on the sand but extra comfy on her feet."

"Hannah and Allison love their pediped® shoes!  They match so many of their outfits.  But best of all they are very comfortable and the girls love wearing them!"
        - Laura V. (Sarasota, FL)

"pediped® shoes are great for hikes on the beach, in the mountains and in the desert.  Lorelei loves her shoes!"

"Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. My son was having difficulty walking and we have been in PT for a few months when I realized those chunky sneakers where too heavy for him.   My son is a bigger child, so he needed a light shoe, but he has a wide foot.   I went out and purchased him a pair of pediped® shoes.  Your shoes are perfect and I'm happy to report that he is zooming around everywhere with his pediped® shoes.   I will be blogging about his improvement in PT and your wonderful shoes."
        - Courtney L.

"My 17-month-old daughter absolutely loves her pediped® shoes. I try to put other shoes on her and she starts to kick, scream, and cry....then I put her pink Abigal shoes on and she is happy as can be, running all over the place. Thank you for making such wonderful shoes." 
        - Britt G.

"We absolutely love your shoes! They are absolutely the best for long walks with our toddler. She loves them and is always comfortable in them."
        - Christine K.  
"My 15-month-old daughter has never worn any shoes other than pediped®...until today....for oh, about five minutes. I ordered her first pair when she was 3 months old. I saw an ad in Parents magazine and the rest is history. Nothing comes close to the beauty and comfort of these shoes. Today, however, grandma came for a visit and brought along a new pair of purple shoes. They were cute...and sort of soft...and my daughter tried them on, stood up, and sat right back down, and fought to get them off. When she succeeded, she tossed them across the room and went pointing to the shoes in her closet - the pediped® ones, of course. I knew it was a moment I had to share with you. Take it from a 15-month-old who would keep her shoes on 24/7 if she could: pediped® is simply the best. Thank you for making such a great product! I am going to order two more pairs - right now."
    - Clementina V.

"We LOVE our pediped® shoes! I bought them for my 6 month old and he lives in them. They are so comfortable that he doesn't 'complain' when I put them on. He had great stability in them yet they are soft enough for him to nap in. Thanks so much for a great product!"
    - Kellie M. (San Bernadino, CA)

"I love this shoe for my son! He seems so comfortable in them! Thanks for making a great shoe!"
        - Kristi H. (Fairview, OK)

"I really think that the company has done a great job making all the improvements that have already been done. These shoes are by far the best baby and toddler shoes I have ever seen. These shoes show how great they are by the way they fit. These pediped® shoes are top in comfort and softness."
        - Paula R. (Beaumont, TX)

"Your shoes are fabulous and my daughter loves them.  She can walk just as well in them as she can barefoot, which is a relief when we go out.  Thank you for providing such adorable, comfortable, and affordable shoes!"
    - Julie B. 

"I bought 4 pairs of shoes from other stores and they are so uncomfortable, bulky and hard to get on my son's feet.  Nothing compares to pediped® shoes.  My son has owned 2 pairs of pediped® shoes since he was 11 months old and he absolutely LOVES them.  He's now 14 months old and he can't stop tallking about his shoes.  The best part is that he enjoys putting them on and walking in them all day long.  They are so comfortable, easy to put on and very STYLISH.  I've recommended your shoes to all my friends.  Thank you for making great quality, stylish shoes.  We can't wait to buy your rubber-soled shoes."
    - Maria P. (San Diego, CA)

"I love my daughter's pediped® shoes!  They seem so comfortable and every time we go out people always ask me where I got them.  I just wish you made them in larger sizes so that my four year old daughter could have a pair as well.  She loves her sisters shoes and she always asks why she does not have a pair."
    - Alisia U.

“My daughter Kate and I love your shoes.  There is nothing like playing the drums with some comfortable shoes!  I wish you made them for adults because they are so comfy. I am a teacher and standing all day it really
hurts. Keep up the good work and please make them larger. Thank you!”
    - Kate & Carolina M. (Carson, CA)

"Our twins only wear pediped®  shoes and they love them.  We only buy pediped® shoes for our kids and all the kids in our family only wear pediped® shoes.  They are very comfortable and I think the only thing that is close to the kids actually being barefoot."
    - Vrez B.

"These are the first shoes I purchased my son when he was 9 months old.  He is now 15 months old and has four pairs!  They are the best shoes I have seen for babies.  He learned to walk soon and well because he can move so naturally in his shoes.  He kept them on immediately and they are so cute.  Everyone comments on his shoes and says they are adorable."
    - Sara L.

"Your shoes are excellent.  Even my son's pediatrician asked about them.  We get comments from people everywhere we go and I highly recommend them.  I always go for comfort first when buying for him (cute is just an added bonus).  It's almost impossible to find cute and comfortable when shopping for toddler shoes and clothes.  Somehow you have managed to achieve both.  Great job!"
     - Ann C.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your shoes.  My daughter just turned one and really, really hated shoes.  She would throw a fit like she was hurt and wouldn't put her feet down at all.  Her Nana got her a pair of your pediped®  shoes and she now loves them.  She doesn't complain at all.  I love how soft and comfortable they are.  She can't even tell they are on and when she does she leaves them alone.  Thanks for making such a great product.  I plan on buying more in the future.  I am a new loyal customer."
      - Elizabeth Ledley

"My daughter is not quite two and has very long feet for her age. She is already in your size large, and pediped®  shoes are the only shoes she will keep on!!  I tried other brands of soft sole shoes such as xxxx because they make them in sizes all the way up to four years of age, but they aren't as cute as your shoes.  Are you planning on making them available in bigger sizes??  All of the mothers in our play group agree with me and wish your shoes were available in bigger sizes.  I would love to be able to keep my daughter in pedipeds longer, and I would prefer to stick with them because they are such beautiful, well-made shoes. "
      - Jessica H.

"I just wanted to say that I think your site and your infant shoes are wonderful.  My friend is in the United Kingdom and her toddler has several of your shoes.  Her little girl has amazing comfort and I cannot wait to receive my son's shoes in the mail. Thank you for making these products."
     - Miss Mickelson


"WOW! Truly a wonderful shoe that is really washable! My son loves these shoes! They are lightweight and so comfy. He can easily get them on and off by himself. But, the biggest wow of all is the true wash ability of these. Just take out the inner sole and throw them in! They come out beautifully! like new literally!Love them and live in them! Thanks Angela and Brian another winner!"
     - Jeni Evensen

"I am writing to inform you that I have received my order and it was again excellent in terms of speed of delivery, condition of products and product quality. I like very much your shoes and I believe my 20 month old Theodore is walking and running safely without trembling or falling because he is wearing pediped (originals until he was 15 months and then flex). They are the best quality flex soled shoes I have seen and their contribution to healthy feet development and feet movement along with their simple design (and solid colors that coordinate with all his clothes without ruining his style and making him look like a “color circus”!) and their price have make them our favorite. Well, congratulations, I have done a lot of market research (both in my country Greece and in the Internet) and I strongly believe Pediped shoes are the best! I am thankful to you because until Theodore is 5years old I will not have to worry at all about what shoes to buy for him!! "
        - Eleni K. (Greece)

"There are two things my little momma loves, Minnie Mouse and pediped®.  She received her first pair when she was five months old and that was when we fell in love with pediped®.  Since then she had owned 12 different pairs and she won't wear anything else.  They are stylish and comfortable for her growing little feet.  Thanks for making such a high quality shoe, no other brand compares to pediped®."
        - Yvette (Fontana, CA)

"This is Eva's second pair of pediped® shoes, both pairs have been well worth the money.  We love them!  She picks them out of her collection of shoes and puts them on herself.  They're so stylish and I love that she can dance around the house in them and then head out the door and run outside in them (even take a break for a cookie) and I NEVER have to worry about whether or not I've purchased a pair of shoes that might be damaging her feet.  They're great in winter and summer.  We get so many compliments on them! Thank you for these wonderful shoes!"
        - Calah Y. (Cary, NC)

"We love theIsabella Flex! They are the perfect style to wear with everything from jeans to dresses, & I know that even for long days of walking, like at Disneyland, they are comfortable & good for little growing feet.  They are the best shoes for any day at school or at play!  And as a budget-minded mom, I love how smart & useful the insoles are for accommodating changing sizes for a long time.  And they are made of such beautiful quality that we know when Zoë outgrows them, they'll still be in great shape to pass down to her little sister Zara!  Thank you, pediped®!"
        - Alice S.

"He just loves to climb around in his pediped® shoes! They are the only shoes he will let me put on him.  Thanks for the the great quality and durability. I wish they came in my size."
        - Amy M. (Orlando, FL)

"We love pediped® shoes.  Our daughter Juliana just turned one, and we tried several brands of shoes this past winter.  Her pediped® shoes were the only ones that would stay on her feet.  She wore them every day this winter!  They also held up beautifully for how much wear our little crawler got out of them, and they almost look like new.  We have received so many compliments about how adorable they are. We got her several pairs for this summer, and she was so excited to see her pretty new shoes. "
        - Jennifer A. (Hamilton, NY)

"Chloe is so comfortable in her pediped® shoes. We love them so much, she has 3 pairs now. Thanks for making good quality, adorable shoes!"
        - Erin T. (Alberta, Canada)

"I purchased my daughter her first pair of pediped® shoes in the Spring.  She started running at 9 months.  These shoes have held up wonderfully.  They have endured all types of terrain.  Dry and wet.  I wanted to let you know that I love your product and I would never hesitate to let my friends know what great shoes you make.  Not to mention the sweetest styles."
        - Melanie S. (Ontario, Canada)

"Brooke as put those kiddie shoes to the test.  They take a licking and keep on ticking! THEY ARE SUPER SHOES!
They have held up remarkably well! I thought after Brooke reveled in a puddle of MUD (and I mean thick, black mud -  she was coated from the knees down..)  they would never be the same.  I took them off outside, left them to drain by the back door, and washed them under the kitchen sink.  I just set them outside to dry and overnight they were back to new.  Even the muck that had gotten on that light pink just came off!
THE VERY NEXT DAY, she did it again.  She got a time out, but the shoes came thru it like champ!! The socks from both incidents were unsalvageable, but that just shows how vile that sludge was and what a wonderful recovery those pediped® shoes made!! They even survived being
DIPPED in milkshake.  I had gotten the kids this special treat and was driving home only to hear that fateful sound of velcro.  By the time we had arrived home, and I got her out of her carseat, she'd thrown the lid and straw off her vanilla milkshake and was dipping her shoe in it making dents.  She seemed to find this infinitly more entertaining than consuming her icecream.  Once again, off to the sink
with the sticky mess and they were good as new by morning!  Now, I have not put them in the clothes washer, but have used gentle hand soap on them (after that milkshake, wouldn't you?) and they are
wonderful!!!  Over all- durable beyond anyones expectation.  The saving grace is the suede\nubuck isn't a thick pile.  It can be refreshed with a simple buffing with a nail file, but I haven't yet, and the shoes still look great!
I recommend them whole heartedly.  The fabric ones have come clean under the faucet more times than I can count and with the same amazing results.  The only ones I haven't washed are the leather brown ones
with a strap.  She now only wears these three pairs of shoes.  I'm so glad I bought the brown ones in a bigger size for the future.  LOVE EM!"
        - Kathy

 "My daughter has been wearing pediped® shoes since she was about 6 months old. She loves the cute designs, and I love the soft materials and great product!  I just purchased our 5th AND 6th pairs of your shoes, and am very excited that she can now continue wearing your brand of shoes for a few more years!  Not only are your products well made and able to withstand my active 2-year-old's feet, but they have been durable enough for us to pass down to my niece as well, and still have enough life left in them to last through another baby (or maybe more!!). Thanks for growing with us, and we can't wait to get her new shoes!
    - Rhea J. (Woodhaven, MI)

"I just wanted to say how much I love pediped® shoes. I just placed my 2nd order.  My daughter was romping through the mud and playing in the dirt with them and you wouldn’t even think they were worn!  Thank you!"
    - Tria D.

" My daughter is now walking and she doesn't leave the house without pediped® shoes.  They have been everywhere and I have yet to see a sign of wear on any of them.  I just wipe them off w/ a damp cloth, and they look as good as new.  Oh, and did I mention that I love the adorable and hip styles?  We have a baby boy on the way and I've already been perusing the boys' styles in order to pick his very first pair.  Thank you for a stellar product.  I will continue to pass on my praises and recommendations to anyone who will listen."
    - Amy M.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE pediped® footwear.  pediped®  shoes have been great to help my daughter learn how to walk.  She loves how pretty they are and I love that she can walk well in them and they clean up with a baby wipe with such ease.  Thank you for making wonderful shoes that last!  I don't know what we would do without our pediped® shoes!"
    - Laura M.

"Your shoes are adorable and super comfortable!  A co-worker told me about your shoes and I instantly fell in love with them.   pediped®  shoes are affordable, made from beautiful leather, comfortable, and long lasting. The only time they come off her feet is if she takes them off; she just loves them.  And the black sole is absolutely genius!  My daughter would come home with the bottom of her other shoes pretty filthy from being in the walker at daycare.  She didn't walk so seeing the bottom of a dirty shoe was unappealing to me, with the black sole the shoes remain like new.  Thank you!  I can't wait to rack up on more this fall!"
    - Sahkeenah W. (Hillside, NJ)

"I love these shoes and so does my daughter.  They are so soft, yet durable enough to wear outside.  My daughter doesn't even know she is wearing them.  My mother even put her down for her nap with the shoes on.  I recommend these shoes to everyone.  Thank you for such a great shoe!" 
       - Brooke J. (North Carolina)

"These shoes are great!  They clean up so nice, my daughter has no problem wearing them and they are so durable!  The other day, she tugged on the strap as hard as she could and I was sure it was going to tear off.  It didn't!  My daughter just started walking in the pediped® shoes and when I put her expensive XXXX shoes on, she trips over herself, but in the pediped®  shoes she walks perfect!  Thanks so much for these great shoes!"
       - Ashley H.

"What I truly love about pediped® footwear, besides the styles and softness is the quality.  My daughter runs around outside and has no sympathy for shoes...and they come out with no scratches!  They look brand new!  They are truly wonderful.  I realize that soft soled shoes are aimed for infants, but I agree with other parents who wish they came in larger sizes.  Or maybe pediped® can make shoes geared for older toddlers/kids. Imagine how darling they'd be!"   
    - Stacy (Corona, CA)

"My son has lived in  pediped®  shoes for his first year and a half and I absolutely love all of the styles.  Thank you for designing such practical, adorable and durable shoes.  We receive compliments on his precious shoes everywhere we go!"
     - Jennifer H (Lexington, KY)

"I wanted to thank you for making such great shoes.  My daughter Emily had a hard time walking in regular hard shoes and wouldn't let me put them on.  Once I had put on the pediped® shoes it was like she didn't even know she was wearing them.  As a new walker she scrapes her shoes and falls a lot.  The shoes have held up great!  They are easy to clean with just a wet paper towel and look as good as the day I bought them.  They are also the number one gift that I give to new parents.  I love the purple box they come in and the shoes are adorable.  I have had to restrain myself from buying every pair you make.  They are worth every penny.  Thank you again."
     - Jamie H. (Warminster, PA)

"I  just wanted you to know how much I love your product.  I tried many different kinds of shoes and have finally settled on pediped® footwear as the best!  My daughter has worn her Katelyn - Whites almost every single day this summer and they have held up beautifully.  I don't think I've ever had her out in them when someone hasn't commented on how cute they are. The workmanship is unmatched and I just really wanted to tell you that I think your product is great."
     - Kristen F.

"I am so pleased with the ease of your website and the quality of your shoes.  They have never once fallen off of Vahn and he chews on them, bangs them, crawls into whatever mess he has created and the shoes always look wonderful.  We get compliments from all the parents/teachers at his daycare, the mall, the park and really anywhere we go and he has them on.  I think you have even made a few new customers that way."
     - Ani, Nate & Vahn

" Now that we've purchased pediped®  shoes for our daughter Paige Marie, we can't settle for anything less.  Paige has run around in her Olivia shoes for months now and they only show slight wear.  The benefits of the soft sole are obvious in her stability walking in them.  Thank you so much for making an affordable, quality product.  We would be in the poorhouse if we kept replacing her other brand name soft-soled shoes as often as we were!"
      - The Blairs (Costa Mesa, CA)

"I love the comfort and quality pediped®  provide.  I recommend them to all my friends with babies.  They’re durable and protect my baby’s feet!"
     - Alice B. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

"Durable, flexible & cute!  Recently got these for my 12-month- old daughter, who has been walking for over a month.  They have a much sturdier sole than... (other soft-soled shoes)(2 layers of leather), and are easier to get on and off.  They are fantastic for indoors situations where they can't be barefoot (childcare or playcenters, for example) or protected outdoors areas.  All in all, a comfy little shoe, great for that in-between phase before they are running around everywhere outdoors."
     - Cindi, mother of 1 (Colorado)


"We LOVE pediped® shoes! Keira has owned at least 10 pairs of pediped® shoes and gets compliments almost daily! These are her third pair of Giselle's...we love them so much that everytime she grows out of them, we buy her a new pair! She just loves her "polka-dot shoes," and they go with everything! They're top on my list for baby shower gifts."
        - Melanie S. (Seattle, WA)

"I can't begin to tell you how much I love your shoes.  I was so disappointed in the shoe selection for baby boys until I discovered your website.  Thank you so much for developing a product that the stylish mother can adore for her children.  I look forward to continuing to order from pediped® in the future."

"I absolutely love these shoes and get compliments everywhere we go.   These shoes are 'Irresistible'!!"

"You guys are doing an excellent job! pediped™ shoes are the only shoes that my daughter wears, she LOVES them! The shoes are so stylish & you have something for every outfit. Thank you for providing a quality product!"
        - Krystle C. (Westville, OK)

"I just wanted to say how much I (we) love your shoes.  I ordered my daughter's first pair of pediped® shoes when she was 8 months old. She is 17 months old and now has 7 pairs! We just received her latest additions last week and as soon as she saw her new shoes (particularly the Naomi-Silver) she wanted them on straight away! She actually had them on with her pajamas and didn't want to take them off! Thanks so much for great service and great shoes with great style...we definitely will be customers for life!"
        - Melissa

"I just wanted to say how much I (we) love your shoes.  I ordered my daughter's first pair of pediped® shoes when she was 8 months old...she is 17 months and now has 7 pairs! We just received her latest additions last week and as soon as she saw her new shoes (particularly the Naomi-Silver) she wanted them on straight away! She actually had them on with her pajamas and didn't want to take them off! Thanks so much for great service and great shoes with great style...we definitely will be customers for life!"
        - Melissa

"Our family has a new love in our lives and it is called.....PEDIPED®! Even my husband loves them and talks about how cute they are. I ordered the Annie shoe for my daughter who just turned one, and when we received them we loved them so much not even a week later. We ordered the Katelyn sandal. I really think great shoes are important for those precious little feet to help them to develop correctly! You guys do great work...keep it up! She will have many more pediped™ shoes to come!"  
        - Gary & Ashley M.

"We love pediped® shoes.  My girls think they are 'fancy'.  I love that they are comfy as well as stylish."
       - Brooke Burke, Actress

"I just wanted to applaud you on shoes well built! They are perfect for my little girl (now 10 months). She has several pairs and the best thing is they are cute! They are also comfy! And once on they don't fall off (I have had awful experiences with other shoes)! Everyone that sees my daughters shoes fall instantly in love! They are absolutely stylish and perfect! I have made another order for some shoes and I cannot wait to get them and let my princess in training keep up her gorgeous fashion statements! I'm a very happy mom!"
        - Om L. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) 
"I am the Queen of all Shoes and sadly but true, my baby is on the same path.  The first thing she says when she wakes up is "shu" as she puts it.  She wore the pediped Originals® styles and now is wearing the pediped Flex® styles. She absolutely loves them.  She is 2 years old and we have purchased many of them and they are so comfortable. She can run, jump or slide down her favorite slide.  We have received tons of compliments.  Thank you for making such a fun, kid-friendly shoe that kids want to wear."
    - Claudia (Austin, Texas)

"I just heard about pediped® shoes from a friend. I checked out the website and before I even purchased a pair of shoes, I was already hooked. My daughter is about to be 2 years old and I wish I would have heard about them 2 years ago! The new, bigger sized shoes can't come soon enough. When they do, I might just buy every color! The only complaint I have is that I want a pair for myself!"
    - Kippy D. (Harvey, La)

"We love pediped® shoes! Everytime we go somewhere, we receive compliments about my daughter's shoes. So I tell people to go to and buy some. The quality is great and my daughter cries when it's time to take them off. Thank You so much for these wonderful shoes!"
    - Julie M. (Catherine, AL)

"Just wanted you to know how much I love these shoes!  My daughter is 10 months old and we just bought her a pair and I absolutely love them! They are so cute and they fit her perfectly!  Thank you very much!"
    - Ashley Z. (Combine, TX)

"We received our first pairs of pediped® shoes in the mail the other day. I couldn't wait to open the package. Our 10 month old daughter Isabel looks like a doll in them. We will be ordering a couple of pairs of the pediped Flex® for our 3 year old daughter Mikell soon. These are the best shoes we have found for our girls. Your styles are the cutest. Thank you for making our girls smile."
     - Renee W. (Apple Valley, CA)

"I am so excited about the pediped Flex® shoes.  I have wished and longed for a soft sole shoe for my 3 year old. She grew up wearing pediped® shoes, and actually STILL wears her black Sophias from your company. So let me say THANK YOU!"
     - Deziray C.

"I love the new shoes.  I'm excited to see the new insole shoes. Thanks for making a great shoe with great style.  I LOVE THEM!"
        - Mary Jane S. (Seguin, TX)

"I love these shoes! My little girl loves them, too. She gets so many compliments on them every time she wears them. Keep up the good work!"
        - Sabrina B. (Conehatta, MS)

"My little girl Eliza has been wearing your shoes for the past year and always get comments on how cute her shoes are.  I can't wait for the Spring/Summer collection to become available so we can shop. A gal can never have too many shoes!"
        - Betsy W.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your shoes.  I found them on a blog (Superhero) and loved the look of them as well as the velcro closure. My daughter started walking early at 8 months.  I needed a really soft soled shoe for small feet that was good for walking, not just for show.  Your shoes were perfect.  She wears the pink Abigail and the black Sophia.  I am waiting for her to bump up to the next size so I can order more. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the pediped Flex® styles this spring."
        - Julie D. (Chicago, IL)

"Hi! I just have to tell you that your shoes are the cutest!  I have a 9 month old girl named Virginia and my nanny picked up a pair of adorable pink/brown pediped®  shoes a few months ago.  We just love them and so does Virginia.  It is her only pair of shoes thus far (until I discovered your website about 5 mintues ago) and I am already hooked on your shoes.  I am glad to hear that you are starting to make larger shoes for little girls.  We will be there in a blink of an eye I am sure."
        - Laura B. (and Virginia too)

"I just wanted to say how excited my daughter and I were when we found pediped®  shoes!  Thank you for making a stylish shoe that is actually good for the feet!  We get compliments on the shoes EVERY time we go out!  We check your website weekly for new shoes! Thank you again!"
        - Ilene D. (Houston, TX)

"I actually saw your ad in the October 2007 issue of Reader's Digest. The crazy thing is that my children are already out of graduate school and I have no grandchildren...yet! My daughter, Karen is getting married in July of 2008 and she and her fiance plan to have children right away! I tore your ad out of the magazine and decided to check out the website because the shoes in the ad are completely and utterly adorable! I loved the easy manuverability of the site, the layout, all the questions you answer and of course the photos and testimonials of your amazing looking footwear! I know I am going to be a 'crazy in love' grandmother and I will be using your site all the time. Maybe one day I'll be in your 'Grandparents' section with my daughter's little one! I also am planning to buy your shoes for my great nephew's first birthday! Thank you in advance, for making beautiful, comfortable, well-priced childrens shoes that are easy to obtain! You have already been added to my favorite places list!"
    - Michal

"Where do I begin? I am soooo pleased with my purchase.  I recently relocated to another city for work and was in a frantic search for XXXXX for my daughter Adara who is 21mths old.  In my search I called a local store owner who suggested I try pediped® shoes.  I am so glad I took her advice.  My baby loves her pediped® shoes.  Today was the first day she wore them to preschool, and the shoes were the first thing everyone noticed. They commented on how adorable the shoes are.  I pride myself in dressing my daughter stylishly yet comfortable for playing and pediped® shoes took my efforts to another level.  I hate that I discovered them so late.  Adara will only have a few more months left to be able to wear them, but believe me, I will buy pediped® shoes until I can't buy them anymore.  Thanks!"
    - Tara A.

"I received the shoes on Monday.  These are the 2nd pair that we've bought for my son, because the we loved the first pair so much.  They are just fantastic shoes.  They are so easy for us to slip on his feet and easy for him to walk in.  I am happy to hear that pediped® will be making shoes for older children.  We will definitely continue to buy your shoes."
    - Amy S.

"Hello! We love your shoes and we have few pairs.  We are living in Spain and you can not imagine all those compliments we get. And Spanish love their shoes.  They also know them.  I adore your styles!"
    - Ewa S. (Spain)

"We love these shoes!  They are absolutely the best shoe for infants.  I looked at all types of shoes and these were by far the best.  Everywhere I go we always get compliments on them.  We have the Gavins and we love them.  I am going to buy them until my son is too big to wear them.  Thanks for making such a great product."
    - LaShay L.

"I am so happy with pediped® foorwear!   My daughter wore her white Isabellas everywhere that she wasn't barefoot this summer from the park to a wedding. They are comfortable for her and absolutely adorable.  She has 2 pairs for the fall and I am excited about getting her boots for the winter.  Thank you for such great designs!  We get compliments everywhere we go!"
     - Amy M.

“I just had to express my extreme satisfaction with the pediped®   shoes I just received.  First of all, I received them via FedEx in only two days.  They are so adorable and far superior in quality from what I found in local department stores.  I have already bragged about them to several friends and I am convinced that more moms need to know about these shoes. We will definitely be ordering more in the near future!  My only regret is that I didn't order them when my fourteen month old was smaller.  Thanks again and please keep up the good work.”
    - Kimberly B.

“One of my friends happened upon your website one day and ordered some shoes for her son, I saw them and fell in love with them and ordered two pairs for my daughter, my other friend commented on how beautiful they were and ordered three pairs for her daughter.  So it goes on!   We all live in England and were wondering if you plan to deliver to any stores here because the shoes here are not a patch on pediped®   shoes and I know they would be a big hit!  We get comments everywhere we go on how beautiful her little shoes are, especially the white Isabella ones!  Please say you plan to expand!”
    - Catherine Cooke  (Northampton, England)

"I am so pleased with my daughter's pediped®  shoes!  I get more compliments on her shoes than anything else she wears.  I am addicted to buying these shoes.  Thank you so much for creating healthy and stylish shoes for our children!"
    - Krista B. (Prince Albert, SK, Canada)

"I just received my first pair of your shoes today. They are adorable!  I can't wait for my daughter to wear them.  They are very well crafted and stylish."
    - Tara S.

"I ordered two pairs of shoes for my grandaughter.  These have to be the most beautiful little shoes I have ever seen.  I will be ordering more in the future for my little darling.  She needs one of every style.  Thanks so much for making such beautiful shoes for the little ones."
    - Glenda W.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my daughter's first pair of pediped®  shoes today.  They are absolutely adorable!  I ordered them a little big so that she can grow into them.  I hope she wears them for quite a long time to come!  They are too cute!  Thanks!"

"I just wanted to!  My hands are trembling I am so excited! I am a huge devotee of your shoes.  We get compliments on my 14 month old daughter's shoes constantly.  I am always trying to spread the good word about pediped®  shoes.  They are so adorable that they advertise themselves. Can't wait to see what you have to offer!"
    - Kyla D.

"WE LOVE THE SHOES!!!  I wish they had been available when my twins were first born.  I did not actually see them till they were a little over a year old and we bought them immediately.  I only wish they came in larger sizes, the twins are always trying to steal the baby's shoes.  Our newest daughter has had them since birth, because they are just so cute and they wear soooo well, that we have passed them on to friends and they all say they look NEW!"
    - Leah R.

"I always get compliments on my daughter's pediped®  shoes. Thank you for a comfortable and stylish baby shoe!"
    - Sara B.

"I would love to see more little boy shoes!  You all are doing a fantastic job on the designs.  I love these shoes for my son and he has worn these since he was born.  He has every pair and everywhere we go I'm always asked 'where did you purchase these?'.  I should be selling pediped®  shoes! LOVE EM! LOVE EM! The new Aidan & camo shoes are FANTASTIC!"
    - Jessica N. 

"I ordered the Tyler - Brown for my son, and have absolutely LOVED the shoe.  He doesn't like to have anything on his feet, but doesn't mind pediped®  shoes.  Everywhere we go I get the most compliments on what a cute shoe he has on, and I recommend you to everyone!  These are the only shoes I will buy. Love your product!"
     - Joi T. (Whiteville, NC)

"I just wanted to let you know how terrific your shoes are.  I became aware of your shoes through my husband Kenny.  He had brought a couple of pairs home that you had given him as gifts for our new baby girl.  pediped®  shoes are the only shoes that look great and feel them!  We have purchased other brands of shoes, but they just don't rank up.  I have a cousin with a new baby girl and a few friends that are all having kids this year...your website is becoming my new headquarters for baby shower gifts!  Thanks and keep up the great work with all the cute new designs!"
     - Kenna's Mom

"I absolutely  love my pediped® shoes for my 6 month old daughter.  I received my first pair as a gift from my sister, since then I have bought about 9 or 10 pairs.  The quality of the shoes are impeccable and the style of the shoes are just so precious. Every time we are out we always get outstanding compliments on them on how they are cute and different.  I am a true continued customer.  pediped®  shoes are all we wear.  Please continue to make them in larger sizes.  I want my daughter to wear them as long as she can.  Continue the outstanding work and customer service."
      - Pauline S. (Lafayette, LA)

"My son just turned one, and he has been walking since he was 10 1/2 months old.  I absolutely love your shoes, and he does too, as they are very comfortable.  I have told a few children's retailers that I am friends with and do business with about how good and perfect for walking your shoes are.  Thanks so much!"
      - Shelly C. 

"I love the quality, comfort and style of pediped®  shoes.  My daughter has sold tons of the Emma and Isabella's for you by modeling them at almost every stage.  She wants to wear nothing else but her pediped™  shoes.  We do buy other brands of shoes but she personally will pick out her pediped®  shoes every time over any other shoe choice and that means a great deal to me.  Thank You!"
      - Jenny M. (St. Augustine, FL)

"My eight-month-old daughter Chloe loves her Isabella - Brown shoes.  She can't leave home without them.  One day we forgot to put them on her and everyone at daycare asked Chloe where her adorable shoes were.  These shoes actually stay on and are classic yet sassy."
       - Michelle L. (Maple Grove, MN)

"I was so excited to see the new pediped®  spring collection.  I just purchased the Zoe - Metallic pink for my 16 month daughter and I love them!  They look darling with every outfit.  They fit her great and she keeps them on all day! I can't wait to go and buy another pair!"
      - Jessica K. (St. Louis, MO)

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes and have purchased several pairs for our one-year old daughter.   We have the Carolines and Terrys and just love them!  Thank you for making such adorable, comfortable shoes for little ones.  As most of your customers have said, we too tell everyone about your shoes!"
      - Emily C.

"I just wanted to say how much I love the new Spring styles.  I think they are so cute and I was glad to see a purple girls shoe mixed in.  I just ordered size medium for my daughter and I got sad knowing that the next time I order pediped®  shoes will be our last, as large is the biggest size offered.  :(  I would love to see you guys do bigger shoe sizes too.  I love your shoes and my daughter has been wearing them since they would fit her little feet, nothing has compared!"
      - Tamara C.

"I bought your shoes for my daughter a  few months back and I cannot tell you how many people compliment on her shoes.  I love them so much that I will not buy her hard soles until I have to."

"Today I purchased my 8-month old son his first pair of shoes and they are pediped®.  I have never heard of the brand until I was in an upscale department store.  The only soft-soled shoe I had ever been familiar with was XXXX, but I have not been too impressed with the styles/colors they offer.  Even though my original intent was going to the store to see what styles/colors that XXXX had to offer, the first shoes that caught my eye were your Liams.  The Liam is too adorable.  So I purchased them for my son.  Thanks for creating a soft soled shoe with comfort and style!"
     - Tiffini (Iowa City)

"pediped®, since beginning writing for MWS, I've done a lot of research.  And one area where I consider myself to have become a sort of semi-expert is baby shoes: when to wear, why to wear and how to wear.  pediped®  footwear were the first soft-soled shoes I fell in love with  and so did my husband.  I'm hoping to bronze Wesley's sandals.  They're that special.  Plus, it's hard not to flaunt that my guy is wearing the same sandals as mega-celeb babies like Hazel and Phinnaeus." 
    - Julie

"I have been searching for the perfect shoes for my son's 'first walkers' and until now I have not been satisfied.  Your shoes are exactly what I had in mind.  They are adorable."
     - Katie V.

"I adore your product!  My son is 8-months old and he looks adorable in his new orange and brown shoes.  I love Carson's first pair so much that I am buying another pair right now for a friend. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!" 
     - Alicia B. (Beaverton, OR) 

"I recently bought my daughter a pair of your shoes (Isabella) and I love them!  I get compliments on them every time she wears them.  I recommend them to everyone I know.  I'm buying two more pairs for Christmas!  I think your shoes are going to be my new baby shower gift."
     - Melissa B. (New Kensington, PA)

"I read about your shoes in Parents magazine and saw the displayed 'Lauren'.  I immediately fell in love with your shoes. Well, I have been looking at some of the other infant shoes until I found you.  I LOVE these shoes.  I received my first pair today and I have already received a ton of compliments.  These shoes are fun, stylish and stayed on my little girl's feet.  I have two more pairs on the way and I am so excited.  Thank you for thinking of the comfort and style."
    - Natalie H.

"I've purchased two pairs of shoes for my one-year-old boy.  My son loves his shoes and we get compliments on them everywhere we go!  I've sent many people to your website to look at all of the styles!  We love pediped™ footwear!"
     - Brandy G.

"Thank you for making these high quality shoes.  They're so soft, durable and super cute.  We love them! I first heard about them in Parenting Magazine.  We are always getting compliments on them.  I recommend them to all of my friends.  Thanks again!"
     - Gina (Connecticut)

"Thank you for designing a shoe that is stylish and yet meets the needs for growing little feet.  We just received our shoes yesterday.  We LOVE them.  We will highly recommend them to all of our friends with little ones."
    - Erin (Jacksonville, FL)

"Thank you for making such a stylish, yet comfortable shoe for precious little feet like my daughter's.  She loves them!"
     - Rosie P. (Scotts Valley, CA)

“I just bought my daughter the Sara shoes in red and they're fantastic.  So cute, so soft, she doesn't take them off, she doesn't trip in them (as she did in… stiff-soled options we tried) and the leather is easy, easy, easy to clean… I wanted something a little more sturdy and your shoes are the perfect answer.  So cute, so soft, but still offering the protection I wanted for her wee toes.  We get lots of compliments on the shoes!  I know these shoes are Hollywood baby favorites, but they're equally good for families (like us!) on a fairly tight budget.  The shoes are made of good quality leather and the pair we picked goes with everything.  These are our daughter's only shoes and I love that she's wearing her pediped®  footwear with Goodwill treasures and cousinly hand-me-downs!  She looks like a million bucks!   Thanks so much."
     - A Happy Mom in (rent-controlled!) Santa Monica

“I'm very satisfied with your products.  My son currently owns 5 pairs of your baby shoes and we get endless compliments on each pair.  We recently just purchased Charlie in w/b and were wondering when we should check back for new styles?”    
     - The Curry Family

"Thank you for making such a stylish, yet comfortable shoe for precious little feet like my daughter's.  She loves them!"
     - Rosie Peterson (Scotts Valley, CA)

"I love your shoes!  You have the best styles out there.  I especially like the roomy toes cause my daughter really needs it. She loves her shoes too!"
     - Noemi M. (Los Angeles, CA)

"I love pediped®  baby shoes.  I recommend them to all my girlfriends.  The soft sole is comfortable on my daughter's feet and she loves wearing them."
     - Michelle M., M.D. (Santa Monica, CA)

"I’ve sent the pediped®  brochure to a few friends who all love them.  They have all complimented your sense of design.  I know they’re going to be a huge hit!  I know once the other mommies see them they’ll be dying to pick up a pair."
    - Karen S. (Beverly Hills, CA)

"I received the shoes last night.  They are adorable and will fit Margo perfectly with some room to grow!"
     - Tania L. (Chicago, IL)

"My grandmother read about your shoes and insists that my little one has to have a pair, especially since they're so cute!"
     - Virginia B. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I recently discovered pediped®  footwear and fell in love… pediped®  are a breath of fresh air for me…  I am so glad to find pediped®,  a quality shoe from a company who knows that style is important.  Thank you.  You have inspired me to speed up my plans to get into the children's retail industry.” 
      - Barry C. (Richmond, BC)


"I received one of your "Serendipity Awards" during the Christmas season and I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful and kind idea! At a time when few people, let alone retail companies, truly recognize the spirit of the season, I was so delighted to see your Serendipity campaign.
At church we have an angel tree with the names of children who are in desperate need in local communities. I had already chosen a few names from the tree, but after I received your Serendipity shoes, I went back and chose one more child to help. I also decided to take it a step further and contacted the social services group that was organizing the angel program and volunteered my time there. I went and wrapped the gifts for the children and even went shopping for clothing for them with the donation money that was received. Your Serendipity program really inspired me to do these things and get back to the true spirit of the Christmas season. Thank you!"
        - Jennifer P.

"I was awarded the pediped® Serendipity Award and wanted to let you know how it was appreciated and how we 'paid it forward'. My husband had hurt his back and it was 3 days before Thanksgiving. Traditionally we turn our outside Christmas lights on Thanksgiving night with the family out front. We had our family here and he really wanted to continue the tradition. We didn't have any extra funds on hand but my husband went through the phone book calling roofers (we have a very steep roof) until he found a roofer who knew a young man whose work is very slow (due to the economy) and would appreciate any type of work. So we called them, settled on a price and they came right away. It was a young man and his wife. She wasn't crazy about heights but braved it out and helped him. They spoke of Christmas coming and were trying anyway they could to bring in some funds for gifts. They did a good job. I gave them some baked goods I had baked for my family for Thanksgiving. When my husband paid them they were very appreciative and asked if there was any more work. Like I said we don't have any extra funds ourselves rights now so we had to turn them down. As my husband opened the gate for them he noticed a package that had been left for me and brought it to me. It was your package. I opened it and saw two pair of shoes and knew immediately that it had been a mistake. When I looked closer I found the card that explained the gift from you. I was so pleased and touched. I explained to my husband that these were $30 shoes and I got a free pair! He smiled and said you can see God's hand in this. That is when he told me he had paid the young couple $30 over our agreed amount for putting up the lights. It was a great feeling and you and your company made it even more special. Thank you very much for your kind gift. We appreciate it as much as the young couple appreciated the gift from us. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Thank you again."
         - Pam and Tom R.

"I was having a bad day when my order arrived from pediped®.  Nothing had gone smoothly from the moment I got out of bed, but when I saw that my daughter's shoes had I arrived I was ecstatic!  When I opened the package to find an extra pair of shoes, I thought 'oh no, they have made a mistake and I will need to send these back'.  However, much to my delight I found that I had been given the Serendipity award!  That just made my bad day turn right around.  It really made me smile-and appreciate that a company would do something so nice!  Never before have I ever shopped and received such a generous gift. order to pass it on and give to someone else, I have taken two little boys off of the angel tree at work.  Brayden & Brody, ages 3 & 4, will get Christmas gifts this year that their parents cannot afford.  I am going tonight to buy the boys clothes and toys and I just can't wait to shop for them!  They won't know that the gifts are from me, but I will be blessed just knowing that I did something good for these little guys in need this Christmas.
And THANK YOU for the wonderful shoes and for making my bad day so good!  I am truly your customer (and pediped® promoter) for life."
        - Amy L.

"I want to first thank you for such a wonderful and unexpected gift!  When I opened the box, I was sure I had received someone else's order by accident.  Then I found the little serendipity card at the bottom and was so pleasantly surprised.  Thank you!
It was funny because I had just made cookies that day (it was a Saturday) with my daughter, and we had plenty of extra, so we made up a plate and took them to the elderly lady who lives across the street.  She usually talks so much that we (sort of) avoid her because we can't get away, but I know she's lonely, so we made a visit that evening.  She loved the cookies (and our company even more, I'm sure!)
Additionally, I teach college, and do not allow my students to do re-writes on their papers.  But I had one student whose essay I read the following night, who didn't do as well as I know she can.  So, rather than giving her a bad grade, I wrote her a note and told her that she could re-write her essay for an average of the two grades.  On Monday, she was very pleased when she got her essay back and had an extra chance to improve her work.
Your generosity has definitely spilled over into other peoples' lives. Thanks for giving me the little extra push I needed to do extra acts of kindness (which I should be doing anyways...but often just don't!)."
        - Laura P. (Ocean City, MD)

"Thank you so very much for my darling pediped® shoes! I love them. My daughter is 14 months today! I am a  Kindergarten teacher and single mom. I love your shoes and what a wonderful surprise to get an extra pair with my order. I, in-turn, have tried to do somehting nice for one of my underpriveleged children in my class. I bought her a fridge phonics game to practice her abc's at home. Thank you!!! I already shared your kindenss with a friend who said she is even more excited to purchase shoes from your company." 
        - Kimberly J.

"I am so excited and surprised that I received the pediped® Serendipity Award! I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE your shoes and always received compliments when my daughter wears them. They are the only shoes she wears because they are so much better than any other brand of shoes out there! I wanted to let you know that I have done some 'acts of kindness' recently. My playgroup coordinated a garage sale that raised $550 which we donated to the Family Stress Center in our area. I also have begun using reusable bags when shopping- I try and never use plastic bags anymore, which is still surprisingly hard. Some clerks at stores have no idea what to do when I hand them my reusable bag! I also took a position on our mom's group's new mommy meals program.  I help coordinate 3 meals for moms who just had a baby.
Your shoes and award made me very happy and definitely encourage the spirit of kindness and thoughtfulness of others. I appreciate your acts of kindness and promise to pay forward the goodwill!"
        - Lisa W.

"Thank you so much for the Serendipity Award.  I have NEVER been the recipient of any gift!!  I was quite shocked when I opened up my package and saw 2 pairs of shoes, I reviewed the packing slip and saw that I did order correctly.  It was then that I saw the postcard explaining your award.  I must say, it was a pleasant surprise.  I bought my daughter a pair of your shoes when she started walking and she loved them.  I have bought her a couple of pairs since and now that my son is walking I thought I would buy him a pair.  To show my gratitude and to pass on the random act of kindness, I am volunteering at my daughter's preschool for their fall festival and I also helped pay the tuition of one of the other children that's family has faced financial hard times.  I have also sent out several letters to random people to try and spread the random act of kindness cheer!!  I have told EVERYONE I know about the unbelievable level of customer service that your company has shown.  Thank you so much for raising the bar!"
        - April B.

"First I want to thank you for making the best shoes.  These are the only shoes my daughter would keep on.  She loves them.  My grandmother buys them for her.  She told me when the baby was born that she wanted to buy her first pair of shoes.  She was thinking Stride Rite but I told her about pediped® and what I had read about them.  I had you send her a catalog and she fell in love with them.  She calls in to order cause she does not use a computer and your customer service is always so nice.(Thank You, these days that is hard to find).
She just recently ordered new pair because Gabriella (my daughter) outgrew her first pair.  Now my grandmother ordered them and the next day she had a stroke.  The whole time she was in the hospital she would remind me about the shoes and ask if they had come yet even though she knew it was to soon.  The same day she got home from the hospital the shoes came and the free pair as well.  I called her to tell her and she was so excited she couldn't believe we also got a free pair.  Her friend was there with her and they grabbed the catalog to see what pair we got for free.  She was so depressed which happens when you are in hospital but also facing rehab just to be able to talk normal again.  Hearing this news made her so happy she started picking out the next pair she wants to order.  Everyone she knows (which is everyone in Vienna, WV) has heard about pediped® and what a wonderful company it is.  I always try to do random acts of kindness even if its just leaving coupons I won't use on the shelf for the next person.  I thought instead of telling about those I would let you know how happy your gift made my grandmother when she needed it the most." 
        - Erryn R.  

"I would like to THANK YOU for selecting my order to receive the Serendipity Award!  I was shocked to see that your company randomly awards such a wonderful thing and immediately told all of the mommies I know.  That is such a special idea and my husband and I are grateful for your kindness.
The day after I received the shoes I set out to do something kind for someone else.  I went to a bakery to order my daughter's first birthday cake with my daughter in tow.  She was sucking ice from her infant feeder to help soothe her teething pain.  The kind lady that helped us at the bakery could not get over what a great idea that feeder was!  She explained that her niece was having a lot of trouble with teething and that they had tried everything to comfort her but hadn't ever seen the infant feeder with ice before.
After leaving the bakery I went to the store and purchased an infant feeder set.  The next morning I returned to the bakery and dropped the feeder off with a note explaining all of the great things about it and uses for it.
Your Serendipity Award just makes me want to do something nice for someone every day :)  Great idea!"
        - Chrissy M.

"I am so impressed with your company and would like to share why!!!
Christmas time 2006 a friend, Julie Weber,  of mine had her life turned upside down when her 3 month old baby was diagnosed with cancer.  In February the sweet 1 year-old lost her battle. 
Her parents are amazing people and are now expecting their 2nd child.  Because of the cancer and losing their daughter this is obviously a very hard time for them both financially and emotionally.  Today Julie made the following post on a message board we both belong to.
Kind of random, but it made me smile so I thought I'd share ...
So someone posted a pediped® coupon last week and I had to take advantage of it. We don't have a lot of money this time around so I live by sales. I really figured I shouldn't even use the coupon for myself - I should get a gift for a friend (actually Kayla's doctor) that is having a little boy in January. 
So I bought the little blue and white pediped® tennies. They were too cute. They came in the mail yesterday and I opened them up. There were 2 pairs in there! I was like, how did I screw this up?? I looked at the packing slip and it was the correct charge. There was a little card in there that said I had been randomly selected to receive some sort of award ... basically a "do good" award saying they sent me 2 pairs of the same style and size shoe and they just asked that I do something nice for someone else
It was so nice to come home to! Now Aaron gets a pair of cute pediped® shoes too!
I just thought it was really cool of the company!"

"Hello & Thank you for choosing me for this award.  I've got to tell you that I've never won anything before.  Receiving the extra pair of shoes at random comes at an ironic time.  My oldest son just turned 3.  Instead of gifts for his birthday, we had everyone bring a new pair of shoes to donate to the organization "Shoes for Orphan Souls."  They provide shoes to orphans in the US and around the world.  We collected 14 pairs of shoes and 2 packages of shoe laces.  It's kind of funny that we just finished shipping shoes and now we had an extra pair sent to us.  This was such a nice surprise. The pediped® shoes are for my 9 month old and are his very first pair of his own shoes.  He had a pair of hand me down XXXX from big brother but I've been wanting to try out the pediped® shoes.  After examining the pediped™ shoes and their high quality, I've decided to give away the free pair.  Although they are super adorable, I don't forsee my son wearing them out.
 They seem really sturdy and durable.  I'm giving the extra pair of shoes to a couple I know who has a 3 month old.  The mommy works full time and the daddy works 2 jobs to try to support themselves.  They don't have a lot of extra money and wouldn't be able to buy a pair of these shoes for their son.  I'd like him to have the shoes (probably will be his 1st pair)  and to get to enjoy them as much as we are enjoying them.  I've been spreading the news of this award and your company to my friends.  I like the 'random act of kindness' and am impressed that your company does this.  Thank you & God Bless."
        - Christine M.

"Thank you for the free shoes!  What a great surprise and wonderful idea.  I try to make everyone I meet smile and feel comfortable so I'm still working on that something special I can do in the name of the free shoes.  Thank you for being so thoughtful! "
        - Sandra U.

"I have to tell you that I left a store the day before I ordered my daughter the pediped® because of poor customer service on a competing brand of shoes.
I just wanted to thank you for the Serendipity award. My mother and father-in-law work in corporate america ad we always look for improving customer service in the business and we are very impressed by your award and customer service. Thank you and you have a customer for life and a person who constantly talks to parents and will recommend your product not only because it is a good shoe but also for your outstanding service."
        - Heather L.

"Thank you so much for choosing me and my family for the Serendipity awaerd. You have blessed my heart tremendously. I have been extremely busy these past two 1/2 weeks.
My good deeds were accepting the invitation to be a presentor at the public library. We are doing our annual summer reading program. I read two book to a group of preschoolers and to my surprise they were soooo... sweet. I enjoyed it. Secondly,  I have a classmate who is ill so I sent her a thinking of you package by mail. I hope that it cheers her up. We met last semester in Graduaute school.
Again thank you for your kindness, I really causes me to do random acts of kindness."
        - Shaundria C.  

Preferred by Children

"Aiden is 9 months old and pediped® shoes are the only shoes he wears! We simply love them!  We get many compliments wherever we go! Thank you for the great shoe!"
        - Belma F. (Phoenix, AZ)

"She just loves her SHOES!!!.. Thank you for making great shoes for my lil one !! It's worth every penny =)"

"Avery loves her pediped® shoes!!!  They are her favorite shoe to wear and to play with.  I've never been a big shopper, but I can't stop buying these adorable shoes!!!"
        - Brooke B. (West Hollywood, CA)

"Your pediped® shoes are exactly what we've been looking for. Sara is happy with the shoes on and she likes playing with the box the shoes come in. Thank you."

"We love our pediped® shoes/boots.  She always wants to put her pokie dot boots on with her pokie dot dress...She says Mommy they match."

"On her 1 year birthday! Anna received 2 pair of pediped® shoes for her birthday and she loves them both. They are the first (and only) shoes she doesn't try to take off. Thanks for making such a comfortable and stylish shoe!"

"Nikki loves her pediped® shoes so much that she won't wear anything else! She has even started kissing her shoes just like she does her favorite stuffed animals!"
        - Jill P. (Baltimore, MD)

"Ava just loves her pediped® shoes, and even cries sometimes when I take them off."

"Aaliyah just turned one and just started walking. She wears her shoes all day every day. Every morning she brings me a pair to put on."

"We tried for almost 12 years to have children and finally, at year 13, we had beautiful twins.  Twins who cost a lot of money and had major medical bills.  I always wanted the best for my children but we just couldn't afford it during their first 18 months.  We went to a specialty store and saw your shoes.  We fe;l in love with them and decided to splurge and try one pair.  It was worth every penny.  Have you ever seen two 12 month old kids fighting for a pair of shoes?  It was bad.  I had to send my husband back to another state to buy a pair for the boy. Here's the problem, my kids got so spoiled with your brand. They look and must be so comfortable, they refused to wear anything else.     So i guess i have to thank you since my kids have NEVER gotten one blister or cut from your shoes as they had from others.  Her orthopedist said they were good shoes for her feet.   They will wear them all day long and even hunt for them (gotta love the sandals).  People comment all the time on their shoes. The poor girl has Fred Flinstone feet and your shoes always fit her.  The boy has a narrow, humungous foot and his shoes also always fit.  It's like they're magical."
        - Chris

"Hello and thank you for these wonderful shoes! My childhood friend, my best friend, bought pediped® shoes for my daughter Veronica last year and she absolutely adored them. Whenever I would attempt to put other shoes on her feet, she would shake her head no and point to her favorite ones. She was only 12 months old! I am totally hook on this brand and am so glad that you make them so flexible and comfortable. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"
        - Vanessa L.

"For the longest time my daughter Hailey could only wear pediped® shoes. She could get out of all socks, and any other shoe, but the she left the pediped™ shoes on. It was like finding a pot of gold!"
        - Elisa S.

"My son loves your shoes! I bought his firs two pair when he was nearing 6 months and he is now 11 month. I just bought 2 more pair for the next sizing. I get so many compliments on his shoes and everyone ask me where I got them. I proudly say 'from pediped®'. My son loves these shoes and never gets tired of wearing them. When I go to put them on him he sits so still then gives me a sweet little smile. I will continue to buy pediped™ shoes for as long as I can. Thank you for such a great product. I am true pediped™ fan." 
        - Christine R.

"We just received our first order of shoes for our son. He is 2 1/2 years old and is outgrowing the brand we'd been using. We were interested in the pediped Flex™ line and decided to give a pair a try. He LOVES them. He was so excited when they arrived. He sat down and promptly pulled off his old shoes and insisted on having the new ones on. They have already been play-tested during his outside playtime and we're beginning to think he's going to sleep with them. We're impressed with every step of the process here -- your shipping containers and shoe boxes even demonstrate a high attention to detail which convinced me (and my much more skeptical husband) that your shoes are worth the price. We're all interested to see how they hold up to a hard playing toddler, but I have high hopes that he will get many months of good
use out of them."
    - Beth L.
"My daughter just received her first pair of pediped® shoes and loves them. Morgan is only 1 year old but very picky about what goes on her feet. I tried her new pink Katelyn shoes on and she wouldn't let me take them off! From now on I will only buy her pediped shoes. Plus they come in the most adorable colors and styles. Thanks for great shoes! Your customer service rocks! Very polite, friendly and helpful!"
    - Sheila B. (Gig Harbor, WA)

"I just received the new Samantha Flex today. I love them! My daughter is 20 months old, I tried them on her and she screamed and cried when I tried to take them off. Needless to say, she wore them almost the whole day just in the house! We had to try other shoes during the gap before the pediped Flex™ came out and she had a harder time walking in them and she certainly wouldn't wear them if she didn't have to. Thanks so much for extending the sizes."
    - Deana

"pediped® shoes are the best!  They stay on my daughter's feet and look so cute!  Other soft-soled shoes have elastic on them that can leave a mark on their feet but the pediped™ shoes don't.  I really like how they seem so comfortable for my daughter.  Thanks for making a great shoe!"
        - Dorian K.

"I am not the type of mom to send feedback to companies but I feel very strongly about pediped® shoes. I would just like to tell you how much I appreciate a company like yours that really listens to moms and creates products that are perfect for our children! Not only are pediped® shoes comfortable for my kids but they are the are the most stylish shoes around! I have a 9 month old son and a 2 year old daughter and they have never worn anything but pediped® shoes. My daughter has never once had a sore from her shoes and she cries when we take them off for bed. They are almost a part of her. I just want to thank you for making such an attractive and wearable shoe for kids. You do not find that very often. We get compliments every day on both of there shoes and they really make their outfits. Thanks again!"
        - Roxanne V. (Valencia, CA)

"I love your products! I had a hard time finding shoes that would stay on my boys' feet without cutting into their fat little legs like some of the elastic top shoes do. My third son crawled and walks easily in pediped® shoes and the shoes (and likewise socks) stay on. I wish that I had found them when my other two boys were babies!"
        - Stacy D. (Durand, IL)

"I would like to say that my son loves his pediped® shoes!  When he was first walking my mom purchased him his first pair and they were the only shoes he could walk in, not to mention the only shoes he will leave on!  Four months later he still loves them and so do I. They are so easy to put on!"
        - Jill B.

"I love pediped® shoes! My son hates shoes, but can tolerate wearing pediped® shoes because they are so comfortable. I am looking forward to the new pediped Flex® line...looks like that's what he will be wearing come spring. Thanks!"
        - Christie & Andy A.

"Just wanted to let you know I bought the Giselle shoes for my 16 month old daughter from Over the Moon toy store in Effingham, IL and she loves them.  I try to get her to wear other shoes but she says, 'no' to all the other pairs.  She always picks those shoes out to wear when she has a choice.  Also, every time I have her around other people with those shoes on someone always comments on how cute they are.  I am so happy with my purchase and I hope they last."
        - Ashley J.

"Just to let you know, I've been extremely happy with pediped® shoes for my daughter.  They are so adorable and also the only shoe that will stay on her feet.  I'm so happy to see you have boots.  She also has a wider foot, so they fit well.  Thanks again for producing a great product."
        - Kathy N.

"I've been very happy with all the pediped® shoes we've purchased! I first read about the shoes in the Parenting magazine because I wanted Caden to be comfortable walking. Before he started walking, I tried putting a pair of regular hard soled shoes on his feet and he refused to keep them on. Our first pair of shoes from pediped® were the navy Harvey shoes and I absolutely loved them! Caden loved them too! It wasn't a battle to keep them on his feet so I knew I made the right choice and they were winners! Thank you so much for these wonderful, adorable, yet comfortable shoes! Caden is now 20 months old and will probably be ready for the next generation of pediped shoes in the spring! Thanks again!"
        - Tina & Caden R.

"Just wanted to tell you that my Son LOVES his shoes. He wants to have them on ALL THE TIME. Last week, I came home from shopping and he was in his PJ's with his shoes! He brings his shoes to us all the time."
        - Christine S. (Milwaukee, WI)

"I LOVE these shoes! I got my daughter a pair when she started walking. I NEVER spend this much on shoes for my kids, but I got every cent's worth out of them. She wore them every day for about three months. I just ordered her a second pair and just ordered my friend a pair for her baby. I'm the newest spokesperson for pediped® shoes! I think they'll be my go-to gift for baby showers from now on. Thank you so much for your fast delivery, too!"
    - Laura M.

"We love our pediped® shoes!  I have purchased two pairs (so far) for my daughter who is 15 months old.  She REFUSED to wear shoes of any kind before trying the pediped™ shoes.  Now when I tell her we are going 'bye-bye' she gets them and trys to put them on herself.  I cannot tell you how much money I wasted on other shoes before finding pediped® shoes.  We get so many compliments on them when we are out and about.  I tell everyone who will listen how great these shoes are!"
    - Cassandra M.

"My older daughter wore pediped® and she absolutely loved them.  I know my second daughter will be just as happy!"
    - Cinamin S.

"I LOVE these shoes!  Most importantly my son does.  I just got them today and after searching like a mad woman for a shoe that fits and that he can walk actually in.  I can finally rest!  I was so happy when he did not pull them off and could walk in them that I actually cried!  All other shoes made my poor little guy trip up on his own feet!  I know he is just as happy as I am!  PLEASE make bigger sizes for our babies with bigger feet!  I don't know what I'll do if he outgrows them!"
    - LeeAnna T.

"We love the pediped® shoes and I gave a boy pair to a little friend of our grandson's and his mother just loved them and I know she will order more.  Also gave her your web site.  Our grandson loves them and won't wear any other shoe.  He takes the others off and throws them across the floor.  My wife gave another pair as a baby girl shower gift.  We also like the new shoes coming out in the Spring."
     - Charles E.

"I found your product in desperation to find a comfortable shoe for my daughter.  She has always had thick wide feet and it has been a nightmare to find shoes to accommodate her needs, not to mention that just getting shoes on her is a challenge.  Now she enjoys putting her shoes on and keeping them on.  I would definitely recommend these shoes!" 
    - Nikki J.

"As a first time customer, I could not be more pleased.  My daughter's shoes arrived SUPER fast.   She is kind of a diva when it comes to shoes and socks, so I was a little skeptical.   She even complains when I try to put her in her little XXXXX. I  was surprized that she did not even complain or try to remove her pediped®   shoes. I t was like she didn't even notice that they were on her.   I have already sent out an email to my mommy's group recommending these shoes highly.  Thanks for a great product. We'll be purchasing many many more shoes from you in the future."
    - Rebecca R.

“My order arrived today, I love all five pairs and my son likes them even more.  He keeps running around the house laughing as he tries different pairs on.  Unwilling to part with pairs he is not wearing he takes the boxes on his journey and flaps them around.  I had planned on only keeping three pairs but it is clear that we will be keeping all five pairs.  It is the first time we have ordered from you and I love the high quality of your product.  I suspect my son's favorite part is that they are so comfy!”
    - Ann D.

"I love your shoes! My daughter had such a hard time walking in regular shoes because they are so thick & heavy. When we tried pediped®   shoes on in the store and she took off running! I never thought I would spend $30 for a pair of baby shoes, but let me tell you they are worth every penny! Thank you!"
    - D. Caine

"You guys have the BEST shoes!  I bought two pairs for my daughter Abby when she was 7 months old. I also bought a pair for my friend's son! My daughter is now 14 months old and when I say we are going outside, she literally brings me her pediped®  shoes to wear.  She also has a regular pair of sneakers and sandals, but ONLY ever wants to wear the pediped™  shoes.  I am so excited to get her new shoes!  Thank you for making such a great product that even babies WANT to put their shoes on!"
    - Sue C. (Weymouth, MA)

"My daughter loves the shoes I have bought from pediped®  footwear. She doesn't want to take them off at night - and when she wakes up she points to them and lifts her feet to have them put back on."
    - Michelle B.

"I can't believe I didn't discover pediped®  shoes sooner.  I got my 13 month old son a pair and he tried them on, literally handed me his old shoes and took off running.  He is always eager to put them on and sticks out his cute little chubby feet without any fuss.  Sometimes he even cries when I take off his new pediped®  Tyler shoes.  I have gotten rid of all his other shoes and already purchased a second pair.  They are great because they are soft soled AND he can walk outdoors in them.  I have had the opportunity to refer several people to your shoes.  If only you had them big enough for my 3 year old.  Great job, thanks!"
    - Lorraine (Tulsa, Ok)

"I love the shoes and so does my toddler.  She KNEW that box [from FedEx] was for her.  She's a little shoe-a-holic already.  Goes all giddy when we go to the website and starts yelling out 'shoes! shoes!'"
    - Karen

"My daughter recently had a major growth spurt and it seemed like her shoes didn't fit over night.  It was a sad day when I had to tell her that she could not wear her pediped® shoes anymore.  I thought maybe of buying some other brands of shoes to try them out but after three tries and my daughter not wanting to wear any of them, I knew I needed to get her more pedipeds.  My daughter loves shoes all around but when we got the new pairs in the mail, she was thrilled.  Thanks for the great shoes!"
    - Caroline (Nevada)

"I don't send comments to companies very often, but I love the pediped® shoes so much I felt I should send an email.  My son wears his every day.  I have found no other shoe that fits him like the pediped®  shoes.  They never rub blisters.  He keeps them on his feet.  He even runs to find them so he can put them on in the mornings!  Great shoes.  I'm so glad I ordered them!"
     - Emily B. (Marietta, GA)

"My daughter would not keep shoes on...that is until we found pediped®  shoes!  They are cut wide enough for her feet and sit on her heels where they don't bother her.  My mother-in-law gave us our first pair and shortly thereafter I ordered another pair. Thank you!"
     - Jo D.

"Before I purchased my son's pediped®  shoes, he wouldn't wear any sandals at all.  He would have them off of his feet within seconds.  I just received my son's new shoes on May 26.  I am excited to say that he wore them all evening and all day on the 27th.  Everyone has bragged about the shoes and asked where I found them – I told them and even gave the insert that came in the pretty purple shoe box to a friend for her sister in-law who's son is doing the same as my Bray.  Thank you for making a shoe that my son enjoys and doesn't fight to get off of his feet."
     - Angie W. (Sylva, NC)

"I got a pair of your shoes from a few months ago.  It was my baby's 3rd pair of navy blue sandals in about a month.  Everywhere we went he was taking off his shoes and we would lose them.  He has never removed the pediped™  shoes, he just doesn't mind wearing them.  I think they're fantastic.  I also don't feel as bad about leaving him in shoes so much now even though I know it's best if he is barefoot whenever possible.  I can see that his posture is not changed by these shoes and he walks in them easily."
      - Julie R.

"We bought a pair of pediped®  shoes for our one-year old son Ben today and we all love them!  He runs around as well as if he were barefoot, and best of all, they do not make his little feet sweat at all!  Thank you for making such a great product!"
      - Nicole A. 

"I LOVE your shoes.  These were my son's first walking shoes, and he adored them – wore them everywhere, even just around the house.  I think your product is fantastic and I have recommended pediped™  shoes to my family, friends, and even complete strangers in the shoe store!"
      - Nita (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

"I am a huge pediped®  footwear fan.  My daughter Ella only wears pediped® shoes.  She has over 20 pairs (and I just ordered 6 more).  I fall in love with a style and then have to order them in every size before they get discontinued.  I tried to put some sandals on her the other day and she screamed because she is so used to the comfy pediped®  shoes.  I think I could be a spokesperson for pediped®  footwear by how many people I refer to this site after they comment on Ella's shoes.  Please continue making such great quality shoes."
      - Kristen C. (Baton Rouge, LA)

"My daughter loves her pediped®  shoes!  Before these I tried so many different kinds of shoes and she would never keep them on her feet.  The moment her shoes went on, she was taking them right off.  I was trying to stay positive when I ordered her very first pair of pediped® shoes.  If these didn't stay on, I didn't know what else to try!  From the first time I put these shoes (Olivia - White) on her feet....she never touched them!!  They go on her feet every day and she never even attempts to take them off! Thank you pediped®  footwear!"
       - Sarah M. (Ohio)
"Hi!  Thank you for making such wonderful shoes.  My mother and I have ordered my daughter several pairs and we love all of them.  As a new walker the pediped®  shoes helped her gain confidence in herself by allowing her foot to move as it should.  In fact she never tripped over her own feet, or shoes.  Now she has been walking for some time and we still love her pediped®  shoes.  She is very steady on her feet and I think her pediped®  shoes really have helped her.  We love our pediped®  shoes!  Also, your customer service has been wonderful.  I am thankful to have found these wonderfully made adorable shoes for my daughter and plan to continue to order from you for a while.  I agree with many other mothers, I wish that you would make larger sizes also.  Thanks again!  We LOVE your shoes!!!"
      - Lindy and Ella L.

"I am a huge fan of pediped®  shoes.  I have a pair of 0-6 month shoes that my daughter wears every day.  They are the only shoes that will actually stay on my daughter's feet.  She pulls her socks right off until I get those shoes on.  Everywhere we go, someone comments on her shoes..."
      - Julie D.

"I ordered 'Liam' in tan and brown, and I was thrilled to see that they arrived so quickly.  I had been admiring your products on the website for some time, but I was even more impressed by the craftsmanship in person.  The shoes are adorable, and my 17-month-old son loves them.  He actually did a little dance when we put them on for the first time.  I have purchased another brand of soft-soled shoes in the past.  Although they were fine, they were very difficult to put on my baby.  Our new pediped®  shoes are so simple to slip on and off.  Thank you for a wonderful product."
      - Erica G. (Pittsburgh, PA)

"I bought my son his first pair of pediped®  shoes and they are the only shoes that he does not try to take of.  I love them!  They are so cute!!  After I bought him his first pair of Gavin's and noticed how much he liked them and how cute they looked I immediately bought him the Charlie's in Black!"
      - Mariana R. (Framingham, MA)

"I absolutely love these shoes.  I honestly was an avid xxxx customer until I discovered these.  They are so comfortable on my son he does not want to take them off, unlike others who advertise kids can't take them  off.  The only suggestion I want to make is...make larger sizes.  My  son will soon be in the largest size you offer.  I don't know what I will do when he no longer can wear your shoes.  Please please offer extended sizes.  It would be so great."
      - Julia F.

"I just wanted to thank you for how fast my little ones were shipped!  I placed my order on December 5th and received them on December 9th!  I was really happy to see them on my doorstep!  Also, my son is 13-months old and I have the hardest time keeping shoes on his feet!  When I put the pediped®  footwear on him he didn't know that they were there!  It was GREAT!  Thank you!"
     - Jillian J. (Port Orchard, WA)

"A co-worker and I were pregnant together last year and she has 1-year old twin girls and I have a 10-month old.  When I was complaining to her about my daughter not keeping her shoes on she suggested pediped®  footwear.  She keeps them on without fussing and they are so cute!"
     - Melinda T.

"My son just would not keep his socks or shoes on.  He seemed to just crawl right out of every shoe I bought.  I ordered two pairs and now they are the only thing I put on his feet.  They are so soft and haven't fallen off once.  Everyone wants to know where I found them.  They are worth every penny!"
     - Beth

"I love my pediped®  shoes!  I bought my daughter a pair right when she started to walk to protect her feet outside.  They stay on her feet.  They are easy to take on and off.  She loves them.  I always get compliments on how cute they are!  Well done"
     - Jill M. 

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I ordered and bought a pair of these through a shop nearby.  Not only do I love them, but my daughter literally needs to be bribed just to take them off! Thanks for a great product product that looks awesome too!"
    - Sara Y.

"I  just received my daughter's first pair of pediped®  shoes the other day.  She is 15-months old and she has never worn shoes (she absolutely hated every pair I tried on her and refused to walk or even crawl in them).  I put them on her and she refused to let me take them off.  I had to wait until she was asleep!  They are so soft and she just loves them.  Thank you so much for the wonderful product."
     - Julie E. (Virginia)
"These are the first pair of shoes (my daughter) doesn't pull off.  I really think she loves wearing them!  We get so many compliments on them and Rachel doesn't get blisters anymore! We are both thrilled!  We'll tell all of our friends about them!"
     - Happy mom, Jen (Tallahassee, FL)

"We received our first pair of pediped®  today and (my daughter) was off and running in them.  My daughter will not take one step in traditional hard-soled shoes, but when your arrived she took off in them even though they were a little too big.  You have the cutest styles!"
     - Tiffany (San Diego, CA)

"What a great company.  We love your shoes.  We have a 9-month-old that kicks off her shoes in seconds.  Except yours!  They stay on and are good for her as she is learning to crawl and pull up.  Keep up the good work!"
     - Amy and Meredith C.

"pediped®  are the absolute best baby shoes out there!  I only wish I had known about them when my son was a newborn (he's now 1 year old).  One thing is for sure, with our next child, I am ONLY buying pediped®.  They are so much better than the other soft baby shoes.  They're much cuter to begin with, and they offer more support.  They are also better than the hard soled shoes.  Cole can wear them around the house as if he's wearing nothing and they don't hinder his crawling or walking.  He hardly knows he has them on.  Additionally, they're so easy to put on the feet of a squirming toddler.  It never fails, every time we are out someone comments on how cute his shoes are and they want your website address.  Another thing I want to say is that your customer service is excellent.  Bottom line, don't change a thing about your company or your shoes (just keep adding new styles!)."
     - A loyal customer, Amy K. (Denham Springs, Louisiana)

“The shoes arrived around 1 pm today.  My son is wearing them now.  They are SOOOO cute and flexible!!  He has not pulled them off yet – he has not even tried!!!  The last shoes I placed on him, he screamed until I removed them!”  
    - Sherri D. (Indian Springs, AL)

"Yesterday, my daughter's first pair of pediped®  footwear arrived.  When I put the new shoes on her feet, her face lit up with a big smile.  Then, I put her on the floor to try walking in them and she began dancing around the family room!  She would not take her shoes off until time to go to bed.  She loves them!!!!  We'll be ordering more soon."
     - Kellie M. (Germantown, TN)

"A friend of mine sent me a pair of the LIAM style...Love them!!!  My favorite thing is that they stay on.  I loved them so much I bought another pair for my 2nd son!  Will be buying more of your shoes very soon!!” 
     - Shelley R. (Cortlandt Manor, NY)

"Your shoes are really really wonderful!  My daughter LOVES hers.  She puts them on and wears them around the house constantly....she has never done that with any of her other shoes...and I'm a bit of a shoe nut so we have all the popular brands.  She definitely prefers her pediped®  footwear over everything else!  Thanks again!"
     - Maria H. (Denver, CO)

"pediped®  are the only shoes that will stay on my son's feet no matter how much he kicks or moves!  Thank you for solving the baby shoe dilemma.  No more struggling with annoying shoe laces or elastic heels, the velcro enclosure on pediped®  makes them a snap to slip on.  The level of comfort and quality is unsurpassed in this well designed shoe!"
     - Tina C. (Dallas TX)

"Thank you for making such great shoes.  Our daughter loves them.  Please consider making larger size shoes.  You are the only soft sole shoe company I like.  I have shared your website with many friends and co-workers."
     - Wanda B.


"We love pediped® shoes.  Isabel received her first pair at my baby shower and these are her 2nd pair of pediped® shoes.  They are so soft and fit her feet so well.  Thank you for designing shoes that are both beautiful and safe for her growing feet!"
        - Angelica R. (Houston, TX)

"Landen is on his third set of pediped® shoes.  We love them!  Not too clunky but tough enough to stomp around Texas in."
        - Jennifer H. (Montgomery, TX)

"I'd like to THANK YOU for such a wonderful shoes for very gentle baby feet!
I have 15-month-old son who has wide feet and it's so hard to find  shoes for him. We own 3 pairs of pediped® now. They so easy to put on that I felt in love with them. Keep up the good work!"
- Katya M.

"One of my friends gave me pediped® shoes as a baby gift.  I absolutely LOVE them!  My daughter wears them almost every day.  They are so stylish and actually fit and stay on her cute little pudgy feet, which I have found out doesn't happen with a lot of other baby shoes"
     - Nancy O'Dell, Access Hollywood, when asked by a  magazine about some of her favorite baby items/gifts

"My daughter has wide feet, a high arch, and chubby baby ankles. We have had the hardest time finding shoes that fit properly. A friend suggested I try pediped® footwear. I ordered the Nina in black patent and they fit perfectly. We are now big pediped™ fans. THANK YOU for making shoes that are soft, flexible, wide, and adorable."
    - Kris

" I'm very excited about the new pediped Flex® shoes as my grandson has outgrown the infant styles. pediped® shoes are really the only shoes that he likes to wear and that fit his very wide feet."
        - Patricia D. (Jacksonville, FL)

"Tonight, pediped® footwear made my year!  My little girl was born with a genetic condition that causes her feet to be swollen (NOT wide).  I cannot begin to tell you the nightmare it has been trying to find shoes for her.  We have tried so many things but with very little success.  Tonight, I went in to the store to pick up another brand, the only ones that fit her, and saw pediped® shoes. I was sceptic but thought 'eh, what the hey?'.  I WAS SO ECSTATIC TO FIND THAT THEY FIT!  Jill loves them too and wouldn't let me take them off. She wore them out of the store!  What I really love, besides their comfort, is that they look like regular shoes. Finally.  No more slipper-shoes.  I bought two pair and will definitely be back for more.  Keep 'em comin'!"
        - M.S. (Arkansas)

"I just received my first order for the Liam brown shoes for my 9 month old.  This is his first pair of shoes and he loves them.  He doesn't even try to take them off.  They are so cute and look very well made, I was leery of them not fitting his feet (very chubby) but they fit very well!  I am tickled with my purchase and I will be buying a lot more in the future!"
    - Crystal (Clinton, TN)

" I am so glad to see that you are going to have rubber soled shoes in larger sizes!  My son has just about grown out of the largest size that you offer and these shoes are about the only ones that his feet can comfortably fit into because he has wide feet with a high instep.  It does not seem like many companies address this common problem in children and it has always been a problem to find comfortable shoes for my son.  Thanks again!"
    - Melissa B.

" I just felt I needed to drop you an email telling you how happy I am about the Spring 2008 collection which includes shoes for children 2-5 years old.  pediped® shoes have been a lifesaver for my daughter.  Her feet are wide and she has an arch problem. pediped® shoes fit her just great and help her walk properly.  The thought of her not wear pediped® shoes beyond size XL/7-8 was actually kind of sad, but now I am so happy, I could cry!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
    - Vicki H.

“I have never been happier.  My Son has a wide foot.  No other shoe fits him better.  I am very satisfied with the quality, not to mention all the comments on how sharp he looks all the time.”
    - Wendy L.

"I am so happy with my recent pediped®  purchase. Finally, a pair of shoes that I can actually get on my son's feet!  My one year old son has very wide chubby feet with a high instep.  Up until now, I have not been able to find any shoes that I can fit his feet into. Needless to say, pediped®   shoes are a godsend. I bought the Ethan in camouflage in 18-24 months and they are perfect. They are nice and light and very stylish. Not only did they go on with ease (no issues at all with his high instep), but they also stayed on!! He didn't fight or resist them at all. Thank you pediped®!"
    - Cristina D. (San Francisco, CA)

"I am so glad my friend turned me on to your shoes for my little boy! I bought him his first pair when he was 5 months old. Now that he is walking, I feel that it is even more important for him to have such high quality shoes. Because he has such thick feet, it's very hard for me to find shoes that he can wear, but pediped™  shoes work great. Thanks!"
    - Kassey F.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I just discovered pediped®  shoes a few weeks ago.  My daugher has a thick foot, I guess one would say a very high instep (but not wide).  Thus, we have had a heck of a time finding shoes that fit and didn't hurt her feet.  Summer was fine as most sandals adjust on the top but with fall coming I didn't know what we were going to do.  Then I discoverd  pediped®  shoes are the first shoe that she has never attempted to take off.  She used to say 'AHH' when you would take her shoes off and now she says it when you put her shoes on."
    - Angie

"I love your shoes.  My daughter doesn't have a wide foot but it's thick vertically.  Your shoes are the only ones that I have found so far that give her enough room in the toe.  I love it and she doesn't mind wearing shoes now.  Thank you!"
     - Shannon P. 

"I just had to write to tell you how much I love your shoes.  I first bought a pair when my son was six months old.  I've been hooked ever since.  My son, Aiden, has wide feet.  That makes it hard to find  shoes.  I first bought the brown and tan Liam's.  Those have been my  favorite.  Aiden wears them almost every day.  The shoes did not wear out, my son grew out of them.  I've now just ordered Aiden's fourth pair of Liam's and the new Aidan shoe.  Every time we go out, someone has to make a comment about how cute his shoes are.  The only sad thing is he is now in the Large size and soon will not be able to get your shoes anymore.  I don't know what I'll do then.  In the meantime, keep up the good work.  I tell everyone I know with kids about them, and will continue to do so.  Thanks so much."
     - Amie B.

"I have ordered three pairs of your shoes and my daughter really likes them.  Some brands are too heavy and some brands are too thin on the pediped®  shoes work out really well at this point since she is walking now.  I also like the width of the pediped®  shoes because my daughter measures a wide and these work out just fine."
     - Danielle

"Your shoes are the only ones that properly fit extra wide feet. We love them and get compliments all the time."
       - Katherine J. (Rogers, AR)

"We LOVE our pediped®  footwear!  My Brady has very cute, but chubby feet and gets very frustrated with hard-soled clunky shoes.  He can move any way he wants in his pediped™  footwear as if he only had socks on.  He is much safer on our hardwood floors with the pediped®  shoes.  Thanks and keep up the great work!"
     - Jill S. (Nashville, IL)

"Love them.  My daughter has a very wide foot so they are perfect.  My daughter has trouble walking in... any heavy shoe...these are perfect!!"
     - Tine, Mom of 14 month old (New Jersey)

Foot Health

"I really love your product. I am a pediatric physical therapist and recommend your shoes to many of my patients."
        - Julie D.

"Thanks to your shoes my son was able to feel confident enough to walk at 9 months, and now he is 1 year old and he flies as he walks with his original shoes; being this his last size available for originals. soon he'll be trying the Flex shoes. Thank you pepiped®!!!! "
        - Marcela

"Your shoes are our very favorite!!!!  We love them.  My daughter loves to walk on her toes, so your shoes work great for her because she does not fall as much as she does with hard soled shoes.  I have a nine year old and would have love to have these shoes available to us back then.  Thanks so much for making an awesome shoe!!!"

"I  LOVE these shoes!  Since she started walking I know she can walk better in these shoes, not too heavy and she doesnt trip over them."
        - Karla & Robert F. (Beaumont, CA)

"My daughter, Emma, was born with poor muscle tone and muscle delays throughout her trunk and legs. When she finally started walking her therapist suggested a firm soled shoe, so I went out and bought a pair for $45.00. My daughter did nothing but cry, trip and start to walk on her toes. While playing outside one day, my neighbors son was wearing the cutest pair of pediped® shoes and I watched as he NEVER once tripped! I decided to give it a try and went to my closest pediped™ retailer (buybuy BABY). Not only did Emma let me put both shoes on her feet, but when I let her test drive the shoes in the store, she walked the fastest I have ever seen her walk - and guess tripping and NO TOE WALKING! Now, 7 pairs and 3 months later (I have a shoe fetish!!) I will never buy another brand of shoes. Thank you so much for really caring about a child's feet! The quality of your product is well worth the price (although I would love to see a sale!!) I have spread the word to all my friends and to my customers as well! Thank you!"
        - Teresa R.

"FIrst off I would like to tell you how much I love your shoes. My son was born with bilateral clubfoot and after having casts on his both feet for nearly 6 months your shoes were the best thing I could of ever came across. You can't imagine how grateful I am that you have created such great shoes. My son's feet were so tender after coming off of his casts that I couldn't get my son's feet into any shoe because he was in so much pain. The shoes you create are so soft and were able to fit my son's puffy feet with no problem.
I've recommended your shoes to other mothers with children who were born with clubfeet because as mothers of these children it is so hard to find shoes that are good for our children with special needs. My son is now going to be 1 next month and is still unable to crawl let alone walk which is normal with children born with clubfoot. Having the flexibility given by your shoes he is progressing because it's almost as if he is working out the tendons in his foot and ankle. "
        - Sally S.

"My son was born with Down Syndrome and spent 12 weeks in the NICU. He is now 30 months and is walking...your shoes are exactly what the therapist ordered! He has a sensitivity to textures, so walking on something so thin, puts him directly in contact, safely, with the ground, rocks, twigs etc....your shoes are perfect! Thank you!"
        - Jody J.

"My 13-month old daughter has 2 pairs of pediped® shoes (size 6-12 months) and I think they're the best shoes in the market for beginning walkers. She walks more naturally in her pedipeds than in other brands we've tried."
        - Carrie D.

"I had to share with you this very positive feedback about your product. I've been buying pediped® shoes for my two grandchildren for two years now. My 2-year-old grandson was born with a club foot, which has been treated from age 3 weeks. He currently lives in England, where he had orthopedic surgery at Addenbrooks Hospital to lengthen his tendon. At a follow-up visit he and his baby sister (5 months old) were both wearing their pediped® shoes. The orthotist who saw him raved about the shoes. He said these are the very best shoes for children's feet he has ever seen and wants to find a way to make them available in England to his patients. As a grandmother, who is also a pediatrician, it made me feel validated to know that I am doing something so positive for my grandchildren."
        - Dr. Patricia D.
"I just want to say thank you pediped® for making our day, every day.  Our daughter was born 14 weeks premature and due to her extended stay in the NICU developed a 'positional deformity' in one of her feet.  Our peditrician showed us some excercises to do with her everyday and recommended that she not be in hardsoled shoes at all or at least until she was 'walking well unassisted'.  Well, it was a long time before we even purchased a pair of shoes for her. Since she doesn't attend daycare, it was not necessary. But once she started standing up, we had to make a decision.  I did a ton of research on soft soled shoes, and was unimpressed with most brands.  My mom actually put us on to pediped® shoes.  We now own three styles and our daughter loves her shoes.  We are so thankful that there is a company out there making comfortable shoes, that are actually attractive!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!"
    - A, D, & LKB (Texas)

"I first purchased these shoes for my daughter AlayiaRose, when she was 8 months. At that point I feel in love with them. I'm not one to have my babies go barefoot outside or in public, so pediped® shoes were perfect. These shoes are not only great for foot development but they are the cutest thing I've seen.  They also allow her to pull up and cruise with ease unlike other walking shoes. Alayia is now 10 1/2 mths and we have purchased 2 more pairs. I only wish these shoes were around when my older daughter was a baby. Keep up the good work. I would highly recommend these shoes."
    - Cherri H. (Wichita, KS)

"I just have to say I have my third child in your shoes now. I cannot express how fabulous your shoes are. Not only are they wonderful for the development of my kiddos feet, they are to dang cute too. They are a staple gift for me to give now at baby showers and birthdays. Thank you for putting so much love into your shoes. We LOVE them!"
    - Heather C. (Los Alamitos, CA)

"Thank you so much for making the pediped Flex® shoes!  I had been looking for a quality sandal for my three-year-old that had a thicker cushioning in the sole but one that could accommodate a narrow foot with velcro around the toes and the ankle. I was not having any luck with that search until I discovered your ad in Parenting.  I just received them today, and I'm so excited because they fit my daughter perfectly and give her lots of support.  Awesome quality and I'm sure they will last all summer long. Thank you again!"
    - Katie F.

"I'll add my voice to the group singing pediped® footwear's praises!  My nephew never seems to stop moving and went from crawling to running.  His pediped® shoes were there to protect his toes when he was buzzing along on the carpet, and made the transition to walking a snap.  They are easy to get on, and he has never shown any desire to take them off.  Our Minnesota winters made the boots a must have, and we are so glad he's got them.  I tell all my friends with little ones that the shoes are worth every penny."
     - Dori (Minnesota)

"I love the shoes for my son. They seem to be much more comfortable than those other hard (no bend) shoes. He seems to walk better than in other shoes. I just love them. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into making a shoe that is just right for a baby."
        - Stacey D.

"Our little boy Mason is slightly pigeon toed and fell all the time in the wide range of shoes we purchased for him. It was so bad that has lip was busted and could not heal because he kept tripping. Then I tried pediped®  shoes and he has NOT FALLEN ONCE since he put them on. He wears them almost every day and is in the XL size. I really didnt know what I was going to do when he outgrew your shoes!"

"I got a pair of pediped®  shoes as a gift before my 13 month old was born, and I have had them on her feet since.  They are wonderful!  When she was an infant, I did not feel bad because the shoes are so soft and light, they were not uncomfortable on her.  Now that she's walking they are so much better than any other shoe! Other shoes are heavy and bulky when they are learning to walk, but she never had trouble with pediped®  shoes! My only issue is that she is growing so fast that she is almost out of the 18-24 month size and then I only have a few styles to choose from!  Thanks for a great product!"
    - Jodie M.

"I am a first time buyer of these shoes and I love them.  I could not believe how soft yet durable they are.  Most of all my daughter's feet can breathe and grow natural without harming her precious toes.  Thanks a million!"
    - A. Lee (Georgia)

"I'm a pediatrician and proud YaYa (grandmother).  My 18-month-old grandson was born with a club foot, which has been partially corrected, but still requires therapy where he lives (Great Britain).  My daughter reported that on his last visit with the British orthopaedist she received a lot of praise for his pediped® shoes.  They thought they were perfect for helping him strengthen his feet and fully stretch his tendons.  They told her to keep him in those shoes.  It made me feel great both professionally and as a grandparent to know that the shoes I buy him are the ones his specialist thinks are best for him.  He has had a 1/2 dozen pairs or more so far and I'm ordering more right now."
    - Patricia D.

"I have bought three pairs of shoes from you now and I love them.  My daughter just learned to walk and she is doing much better in them then she did in any other type of shoe.  She is now 4 months old and I already bought her a pair and can't wait to buy more for her as she learns to walk."
    - Whitney R.

"Like all babies my one-year-old has chubby ankles.  First we tried the expensive XXXX brand and I ended up paying over $56 on his "first pair" of shoes.  They were so rigid that he kept falling in them.  They were not flexible in the toe box area so when he tried to run he would fall on his face.  The next shoe we tried was the other leading brand which has one thick piece of elastic that holds the unshapely sock like shoe on and that piece of elastic left deep groves in my child's ankles, not to mention cut off his circulation.  Then in a Parenting Magazine I saw pediped®  shoes advertised.  I reluctantly bought a pair after having such a bad experience with the elastic shoe brand.  I love, love, love pediped®  shoes.  Everyone that sees him in the shoes compliments them....everyone.  That is one of the first things they notice about his outfit because the blue and white stand out so much.  They never get dirty and they are so flexible in the foot that kids can bend their feet and run in them with no problems.  I would love to bronze these as these are the first pair of actual shoes that he actually wore and didn't fall on his face in."
      - Bindu J. (Dallas, TX)

"I am so excited to have found your shoes! I wish I would have known about them for my oldest son.  He has Sensory Integration Disorder and would have benifitted from these shoes greatly!  I plan on telling his occupational therapist about your shoes so she can pass the word to others with this problem!  As well as all of my other mom friends!  Thank you for making such a great product!"
      - Angel Q. (Ladson, SC)

"Just wanted to let you know that your product is a God-send. Our daughter Ella Mae (21months) has Spina Bifida and has no feeling or movement from the knees down.  She has to wear special braces (called AFO's) to help stabilize her ankles.  These are bulky and cumbersome, making it very hard to find shoes that will fit over them.  After much searching and trying some very stiff (and ugly) shoes, a friend told me to check you guys out.  Ella has a pair of your pink Madeline shoes and they are perfect!  They fit over her AFO's with ease and are sooooo cute! Thank you for making a shoe that is functional, fashionable and versatile.  She loves them!  And so do I!  I would love it if you made bigger sizes...I am dreading the day she outgrows these."
      - Ella Mae's mommy

"I just wanted to comment on how great your shoes are.  My son was born 4 1/2 months ago with a club foot.  At 4 days old both of his feet were put into cast.  We had to take him in once a week for 7 weeks to get the cast changed.  After seven weeks of casting they gave him a pair of hard white boots that were connected in the middle with a brace.  He was to wear these for 23 hours a day for 6 more weeks.  After that he just had to wear them at night.  Not knowing what to expect with the club foot, my husband and I never bought our son a pair of shoes.  One day while at the mall I saw my first pair of pediped®  shoes.  I bought them. I was so excited because I knew that I would soon be able to put these on my son.  Yet I didn't know what his reaction would be since his feet had been casted or in his boots for his entire life.  So on the first day he no longer had to wear his braced boots I put on his pair of pedipeds the Braeden - Navy.  My son loved them !!!  He was able to move his foot freely.  It was like he was barefoot.  There is no other shoe for my son.  My husband loves the fact that they look so modern.  Not like other children's shoes that have characters or animals on them.  We get so many compliments on these shoes.  My niece who is 2 months older also now wears her pedipeds.  I'm happy to say that my son loved them so much we now have 14 pairs of pediped®  shoes. Thank you so much for your wonderful product."
      - Belinda (Palo Alto, CA)

"I heard about your shoes awhile back from talking to other moms and fans of babies in soft bottom shoes for as long as possible on  I got my baby his first 2 pairs of your shoes a week ago from Whytes USA Baby in Virginia Beach, VA.  I absolutely LOVE them.  He always trips and falls in hard bottoms on the rare occasions that he would wear them, but walks beautifully in pediped®  shoes.  It is extremely difficult for me to find soft bottom shoes for him.  Apparently, not many people are aware of the benefits of keeping baby in soft bottom shoes well into toddler years.  The soft bottom shoes that simulate bare feet that I do find closer to his size range tend to look more like booties and less like actual shoes, the way that pediped®  shoes do.  I am a trendy individual, and I love how pediped®  shoes simulate bare feet and yet look like actual shoes instead of booties."
       - Sonya B.

"I want to thank you for making such fabulous and functional footwear.  I bought my first pair of pediped®  shoes for my daughter Elyse when she was an infant based solely on their look and quality construction.  Now that Elyse is starting to cruise and nearly ready to walk, I appreciate how good they are for her development – my pediatrician even approved of them!  Everywhere we go, people stop me and ask where we got her shoes – the compliments we receive are nearly endless.  Thank you for making a product that my daughter loves to wear and I can feel so good about!"
      - Kim M. (Nutley, NJ)

"I am a pediatric physical therapist as well as a new mom.  My daughter has just begun cruising and standing and I was frustrated with the shoes available for her.  I know from my training that bare feet is best, but there are places where she still needed shoes for cleanliness.  I tried several types of shoes, but they were too stiff and affected her standing and crawling. Then I saw pediped®  footwear advertised and realized they were the perfect option for her.  They are working and looking great!  Now my daughter can get the benefits of weight bearing on bare feet in her shoes.  Some of the benefits include: sensory input, proprioceptive feedback, balance reactions and foot development.  Thank you.  We look forward to our next pair."
     - Joanne B.

"I  recently purchased a couple pairs of pediped®  footwear for my six-month-old Zoey.  I love them.  They stay on my daughter's feet even when she tried to kick them off and they are so soft. They are not confining for her growing little toes."
     - Sonya T.

"I love your shoes!  They are the only ones that Jada will wear and I get compliments every time she has them on!  Thanks for making such a great product."
     - Julie

"My little granddaughter Tatum has several pairs of your shoes.  I originally purchased them because they were so adorable, but after a visit to her orthopedic specialist and his recommendation that they were perfect for her...I went crazy and bought three more pairs!  Your shoes are the only ones she wears and will be until she outgrows them.  Thanks for making such great shoes for my precious Tatum and all of the other little angels out there."
     - Gay Ann H.

"I want to thank you for your exceptional product – your shoes are positively darling!  And I appreciate the fact that my little honeybee doesn’t have to be a slave to fashion to enjoy them.  While she often fusses over and tries to remove the shoes I’ve put her in in the past, she’s quite comfortable in her pediped®   footwear, and I feel great knowing they’re the best thing for her developing little feet.  I commend you on your adorable designs, charming attention to detail and conscientious dedication to my baby’s development!”
     - Mamie C. (Riverside, CA)

pediped® Originals

"I absolutely love your shoes and so does my one-year-old. She started walking early at 10 months. We took her to a reputable shoe company to have her fitted and left with 2 pair (casual and dressy). After 8 additional pair of shoes (which she all hated), we finally found pediped® at New Baby Products in Snellville, GA. We LOVE the brown/pink polka dots. After trying them on, she immediately got up and walked around the store and loves them still. We recently went to Disney World and she got so many compliments from all the princesses on her adorable shoes. Everywhere we go people comment on her shoes and she loves them.
Thanks for making a great alternative to traditional shoes."
        - Janet

 "My daughter is almost 11 months old and recently has started standing with confidence and walking along the furniture. It is for this reason that I felt it was time to get her some more supportive shoes. I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices for such little feet. After trying several pairs on we both agreed that pediped® shoes were for us! I have to admit I did have an alterior motive for buying my daughter new shoes. We were on our way to get her pictures taken. Within minutes of the camera being on her, my daughter stood up and took her first steps! So not only had your shoes given her that extra support she had needed, but it was all captured on film! Other mothers had spoken highly of your products but I never expected this result. It proves that your shoes are designed to give children the support and confidence they need to go that next step. She has worn them every day since and continues to push the limits of her balance. Thank you pediped®!"
    - Erin L. (Belchertown, MA)

"I can't believe it, but I've already retired a pair of your shoes, boy that's a sad day. But I've ordered another pair because I love them so much. They're so natural that my son could wear them as soon as he took his first steps at 8 months old!  He had no trouble whatsoever walking in them!  Your shoes are also very nice looking. It's hard to choose which ones to get him!!  It's takes me a few days before deciding!  I am also so happy to know that you're making them for older kids as well! I will be putting my son in your shoes till he's outgrown your largest shoe size!!  Thank you so very much!"
        - Stephenie K.

“I just received my son’s shoes in the mail two days ago!  He loves them and has, since receiving them, started to walk.  They look adorable on him and he seems so comfortable in them.  Usually, his feet are so sweaty when I take off his shoes, but with these his feet were dry!  I will most definitely be buying more of these shoes. They are by far the best shoes I've seen available for little ones! Keep up the great shoes and styles! Please consider making them in even larger sizes! Thanks again!”
    - Kassey  (Milwaukee, WI)

"I just received our first pair of pediped® shoes and wanted to tell you that they are AMAZING! They are so soft and cute, even the packaging was great. We will recommend you to EVERYONE and be back again and again! THANK YOU!"
    - Megan R. & baby Evi Rain

"Definitely the BEST infant footwear I've bought thus far.  Hands down!  Forget XXXXX.  Their soles are hard.  My one year old hasn't tried them yet, but just looking at the quality of the shoes ... it's first rate!  I look forward to buying more!"
     - Ada C.

"I absolutely love your shoes and, because of my daughter wearing her six pairs constantly, I have all the moms at church buying them for their daughters and loving them.  PLEASE, PLEASE consider making them for children up to age three.  I have searched high and low and can't find shoes I like anywhere that compare with pediped™  shoes."
    - Amy H.

"I ADORE your shoes!!  My son is 8 months old and he is very tall for his age and already wears a size M.  He is cruising now so I thought that pediped®  shoes would be perfect for him and they are.  I am very sad that by the time he can walk well he will probably be grown out of the large!  I have seen many other comments about bigger sizes so please please consider making bigger sizes!!!!  These are the best shoes EVER!!!!  Thank you so much!!"
      - Natasha L.

"I LOVE pediped®  shoes!  My daughter has had several pairs in many sizes, but is now in the large size and soon out of them!  PLEASE make these shoes in larger toddler and even little and older girl sizes, I know I would continue to buy them (I'd even buy them if they came in my size! LOL).  They are comfortable and cute!  Perfect for indoor and light outdoor use!  Casual and dressy!  Thank you!"
      - Emily V.

"Please, please, please make some larger sizes for toddlers.  I know that as kids walk more, they need a bit more support – maybe there is a way to make a more flexible sole for them with some additional protection... My daughter is now in your largest size and I adore these shoes.  She even asks to sleep in them sometimes, they are that comfortable!  Her feet are still so rounded that most "normal" shoes won't fit her comfortably..."
      - Jayne P.

"We first heard of pediped®  shoes when my sister-in-law started buying them for my niece.  My son owns almost every style in almost every size.  We are very pleased that more stores in our area are starting to carry these wonderful shoes, but sad that my son is just about ready for your largest size.  Your light shoe with a soft sole is perfect for little ones.  We get compliments on his shoes everywhere we go.  Many of my friends have become faithful pediped®  customers.  Thank you for making a great shoe!"   
        - Jennifer (Carrollton, VA)

"If I had anything to suggest about your wonderful shoes, it would be more sizes!!!  We have grown out of your largest size and I am deeply saddened that we can no longer buy your shoes!  Your styles and craftsmanship are amazing and I would be thrilled (as would my son!) if larger pediped™  footwear were born!"
     - Gina L.

"I'm getting ready to order more! I love love these shoes. Thanks for making such wonderful shoes for my baby."
        - Justina K. (Eldon, Missouri)

"I love your shoes. They are my favorite over all the other brands for babies.  My son has gotten lots of wear, and many compliments on his Tyler shoes. Thanks from a happy customer!"
        - Jess F.

"We absolutely love pediped® shoes for our baby boy of 6 months. I wish I'd found out about you when I had my 15 year old son in 1992. Who says the second time around is not a breeze, provided you have pediped™ shoes in your life!"
        - Tracey M. (Indianapolis, IN)

"The pediped® shoes I ordered arrived today. They are absolutely adorable. My sister inlaw is pregnant and due in March and these will be her christmas present.  Thank you for the fast shipment and the cutest shoes in the world."
        - Susan

"My daughter is 13 months old now and she has started to walk. I let her wear soft soled shoes and she is loving it. One time I have let her try those hard soled shoes that she would not walk on them. pediped™  shoes are great!"
"Just a huge THANK YOU for making such GREAT shoes.  I have 3 girls (3 year old twins plus a 21 month old).  We LOVE your shoes and I am counting the days until the new line of bigger kid shoes comes out! I can't wait."
    - Leah R. 

"I have been searching for shoes for my one year old for 2 months and have not found anything that works.  I got my pediped® shoes in the mail today and they are perfect!  I can't wait to order more.  Thanks."
    - Sara A.

"I have recommended  pediped®  footwear to all of my friends that have bought several pairs and all of them have the Madelines.  One friend bought the next two sizes up!"
     - Staci B. (Charleston, WV)

"I just have to let you know how much I love your shoes!  I can't keep socks on my baby (who can?) and I'm tired of putting her in moccasins, cute as they are.  I never like XXXX (nothing personal, just don't love the design) so I was THRILLED to find these when I was out shopping.  I bought one pair and will definitely buy more. Thanks so much for coming up with these."
     - Kate K.

"Both my husband and I are practically  pediped®  evangelists now."
     - Neche H.

"Rowan's got happy feet whenever she's in pediped®  shoes!"
     - Happy Mama (Riverside, CA)

"We just discovered your wonderful shoes!  Luca is 9 months and we loves to explore in his pediped®  footwear every day."
     - Cheers, Sandra, Shaun and Luca (Victoria, BC)

"pediped®  is going to be the only shoes my daughter wears from now on."
     - Julissa M. (Bakersfield, CA)

"Your company has a great reputation of quality shoes, excellent service, fast shipping, and outstanding press coverage."
     - Lori C. (Orlando, FL)

"My sister-in-law just bought some of your shoes for my son's first birthday.  We love them... My sister was saying that pediped®   footwear are the only shoes I should buy Sawyer, and the new baby, from now on and I have to agree.  They will also be great gifts for all my friends who are having babies."      
     - Betsey N. (Lodi,CA)

"(My daughter) is about to outgrow the 18-24 month pediped™  size and I am frantically looking for shoes in the next size up!"
     - Anne Y. E.

pediped® Flex™

"Connor is sporting his pediped® Flex shoes that are just awesome.  We have three children 4 and under and one on the way and they all have pediped shoes.  They are the best shoes on the market.  The Flex are great for him as you can see and they go from nursery school, to the playground, to church, and everywhere and last longer then he can wear them!  These are his new ones that he got for Easter and they are fantastic and he stylin' as you can see.  Thanks for a great product and keep them coming!"
        - Maureen B.

"Pictured here on her 1st birthday, Jadelyn is now almost 3 and still wearing her "Pedi's". We've moved onto the pediped® flex sandals for the summer and she loves them more than anything! I buy pediped™ shoes for all my friends and families new babies & they love them just as much!"

"Olivia loves her pediped® Flex! She has owned close to twenty pairs! They are easy for her to put on and take off by herself and comfortable to wear all day. Thank you for making such cute and durable shoes!"

"I had to write to tell you that we are in love with the new Flex shoes.  We got my daughter the Originals, but she got bigger and needed shoes with traction outside.  We were so excited to get the pediped Flex® and have 2 pairs.  I just ordered a pair for the fall for her. We have gotten the cheaper shoes and my poor child had blisters all over her feet.  I will never try anything but yours again.  Thank you for making my baby's feet feel so good!"
        - Jennifer K. (Cary, NC)

"I'm so excited to learn that you have developed the new pediped Flex® line of shoes! My two-year old lived in your pediped Originals® last year and we just love them! Now I can continue to buy a quality made shoe that it simply adorable in larger sizes! My five year-old can wear them too. I'm tickled pink!"
        - Kimberly D. (Woodbine, MD)

"I had to write to tell you that we are in love with the new Flex shoes.  We got my daughter the original pediped® but she got bigger and needed shoes with traction outside.  We were so excited to get the pediped Flex® and have 2 pairs.  I just ordered a pair for the fall for her. We have gotten the cheaper shoes and my poor child had blisters all over her feet.  I will never try anything but your again.  Thank you for making my baby's feet feel so good!"
        - Jennifer K. (Cary, NC) 

"I was thrilled to see the extended line. My grandaughter is 20 months old and I knew we had to move on to a full soled shoe. I went online to start looking for the quality I get from pediped® shoes and thats when I saw the new line for toddlers. I've bought 8 or more pairs so far and I can't wait for the new line. Thank you!"
    - Donna W. (Moosic, PA)

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. I even set a reminder on my phone so that I could check the website and see the brand new pediped Flex® shoes. My daughter has the Giselle shoes in several sizes and what do you know!!?! They are also in the Flex® sizes as well! I was so happy and bought a pair right away."
    - Stephanie D. (Hammond, LA)

"Thank you pediped® for listening to us parents of toddlers!  I just received the 2 new pairs of pediped Flex® shoes I ordered, and I'm even more impressed than I thought I'd be.  They are very well made, and it's obvious a lot of work was put into making these shoes.  I'm so excited over them.  My daughter was just as excited, since in the meantime she's been wearing other brands, and she's always telling me her foot hurts, or her shoes are hard.  Now I can continue to spoil her with the comfort of her pediped® shoes.  I have no doubt your new shoes will be a huge success.  Thank you again!"
    - Stacy (Corona, CA)

"Thank you so much for coming out with Pediped Flex®!  I placed my order today for my daughter who is 2 because I know so many of the styles will probably be on back order soon.  We love the shoes and are so happy she can continue to wear her pediped® footwear as she get older.  Thank you for providing such a good quality shoe for my daughter!"
     - Stephanie F

"I first discovered pediped® footwear around Oct. of 2005, just before my daughter's first birthday.  You had a pair of shoes that matched the dress I had for her first birthday perfectly.  I was on a mission to have them and hunted them down in another town (I wanted to try them on her since she would be between sizes turning 1).  I fell in LOVE right away!  I was SO upset that her last pair we bought a few months ago only lasted her a few wears since you had changed your sizing so that the largest size you made was now smaller. I want to say THANK YOU for adding this new line in larger sizes!  You have made my day! I CAN'T WAIT to see the new shoes and start buying pediped® shoes for my 2 year old again! I am so excited! Thank you! Job well done!"
        - Jodi F.

"Hooray! I can't wait to see the Spring line for 'big kids'!  Maybe then my 2-year-old will stop trying to cram her foot into my 1-year-old's pediped® shoes! Thank you for creating such a superior product and continuing to adjust to your customers' needs!"
        - Kristin B.

"I am so excited about the new spring line that has the rubber soles! This is great. I love your shoes. They are the perfect fit for our little girl. I can't wait to order a pair."
       - Diana T. 

"I am DELIGHTED to hear that you there will be an addition to your fine line of baby shoes!  I've purchased so many pairs of your stylish/comfortable shoes for my granddaughter but as she approaches two years of age, she will not only need the larger size but also a more sturdy shoe.  I am so happy to hear that we'll be able to purchase these shoes at the end of the month. I can't wait to tell my daughter-in-law."
        - Grandma Linda

"My daughter is now on her third pair of pediped® shoes and I'm very excited that you are launching 'big girl' shoes.  We will keep buying them as long as you have sizes to fit her. I just felt I should take the time to let you know I am very happy with your shoes and you have won a loyal customer."
        - Christine C.

"Just wanted to say thank you for deciding to make a toddler line. We MOURNED the day we outgrew our pediped® shoes (last season). I am AXIOUSLY awaiting the first day I can order!"
        - Rebecca S.

"I am VERY pleased that your toddler sized shoes are coming soon.  They can't come soon enough for us as my daughter Grace (18 months) is now an XL.  All but one pair of her shoes have been pediped® shoes and I was beginning to lament about what I would do when she outgrew your shoes. Then I heard about the upcoming toddler sizes.  What a pleasant surprise and relief!  There are two companies I talk about and recommend to all my mom friends and pediped® is one of them.  Thanks for a wonderful product that is stylish too!"
        - Julie P. (Aliso Viejo, CA)

"I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have extended your sizes!  My daughter is growing out of your largest size right now and I have tried a couple of other brands of shoes with no luck. Yours are not only the most comfortable but without a doubt the most stylish and streamlined.  Other brands of kids shoes can look and feel very 'clunky'.  I am delighted that you are growing with us!  Best of luck."
    - Gina G. (Chicago, IL)

"I ordered shoes for my daughter when she was a baby.  We loved them!  Now she is 2 1/2 and we can no longer wear your shoes.  I was so excited to see you're coming out with a line for 2-5 yrs.  I'll be waiting to make a purchase.  Thanks for making such cute shoes for kids!  I refer friends all the time."
    - Leann B.

"I'm SO excited about the new line of pediped® shoes coming out in Spring '08.  My daughter is 16 months & has had 7 pairs of pediped® shoes.  She's at the stage where she definitely needs shoes with a rubber sole and I have not been able to find some I like and/or fit well.  I KNOW the next generation of pediped™ shoes will be for her. I can't wait.  Thank you!"
    - Mireya H.

"I am soooooo excited for the next generation pediped®!  I was worried about what my daughter would wear after she turned two.  I only wish it was coming earlier!"
    - Talin

"I am looking foward to the sizes for the older children.  My son is at the largest size that you make and I don't want him to stop wearing this shoe.  I get so many complements on his shoes so make sure the new line comes out next year.  Thanks for great shoes!"
    - Lenise G.

"I just wanted to let you know that the new shoes are a great idea!  I was bummed thinking that my daughter wouldn't be able to wear pediped® shoes in a few months.  I'm excited to see them!"
    - Tera S. 

Customer Service

We are in the Army stationed in South Korea, thank you guys for shipping to us and we got our order super fast. Many thanks for supporting your military, many companies do not ship here or offer shipping that takes 2 months. Great product and great customer service. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your awesome customer service. I had an issue with a pair of my daughters shoes and you went above and beyond to rectify the situation. This is why I only buy your shoes!!!!!

"I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU! It took two exchanges before we got the right size for my daughter but we FINALLY found it. They arrived last week. We immediately had to try them on and we couldn't be any happier than we are now. Thank you to all who allowed us to have the multiple exchanges to find the right one. It really made a big difference and all of you were so friendly and courteous throughout the entire transaction. THANK YOU for everything you do! You
have a customer for a very long time! Keep up the good work everyone! You've got a great company on your hands."
        - Kathleen, Tom and Hailey R.

"I just found out that your company donated 32 pairs of shoes to a Prospective Adoptive Parent adopting from Kyrgyzstan. I too am a PAP adopting from this country and wanted to say thank you! This is an amazing gift to these babies/children. I have bought at least 6 pairs of your shoes for my son and I will definitely continue to support your brand."
        - Tamara

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement shoes you sent and I love them. I am so happy with your customer service I just ordered a pair of the Mia boots for my daughter.  I am recommending these shoes to all my friends.  Thanks!"
        - Ashley

"The customer service that you all provide is great and I love your shoes!  He is on his 3rd pair and once he grows out of these, he will definitely have another pair.  I also plan to give my niece her first pair of Originals for Christmas.  Thanks again for offering your help!"
        - Shelley R.

"I just received my order.  I placed it just a few days ago and Fed-Ex dropped it off at 9 AM!!
My little guy loved the shoes, put them on and I can't get them off his feet!! Thank you for  such a quality product, delivered quickly!!   You turned my idea of online shopping around."
        - Michele

"I first saw your ad in Parenting magazine then I went to your web site and saw that you were members of the BBB.  I read your report. Since I started working for the BBB I like to only deal with companies that are members. They know that the customer makes the business. And I will be ordering something.
I work in the Oakland, CA office. Keep up the good work."
        - Barbara R.

"WOW! Sandy helpe me today and was beyond wonderful! She was incredibly helpful. She answered all my questions and went above and beyond! She was super friendly. Talk about amazing customer service! I will be back and look forward to working with Sandy in the future! "
        - Shoshana G.

"I have to tell you that I left a store the day before I ordered my daughter the pediped® because of poor customer service on a competing brand of shoes.
I just wanted to thank you for the Serendipity award. My mother and father-in-law work in corporate America and we always look for improving customer service in the business and we are very impressed by your award and customer service. Thank you and you have a customer for life and a person who constantly talks to parents and will recommend your product not only because it is a good shoe but also for your outstanding service."
    - Heather L.

"Thank you so much for choosing me and my family for the Serendipity award. You have blessed my heart tremendously. I have been extremely busy these past two 1/2 weeks.
My good deeds were accepting the invitation to be a presenter at the public library. We are doing our annual summer reading program. I read two book to a group of preschoolers and to my surprise they were soooo... sweet. I enjoyed it. Secondly,  I have a classmate who is ill so I sent her a thinking of you package by mail. I hope that it cheers her up. We met last semester in Graduate school.
Again thank you for your kindness, I really causes me to do random acts of kindness."
    - Shaundria C.

“I just wanted to say that I received my order yesterday and won the Serendipity award of the day, so a free pair of shoes! To say I was ecstatic is an understatement!  I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling all night and my husband was really thrilled too!  He likes the free pair of shoes even better than the ones I ordered for my daughter. Thank you so much!  I will definitely be "passing along" the good will and doing good for others as well! Thank you again, we are so excited and we'll definitely be purchasing more shoes from you in the future!” 
     – Karen P.

"I am taking a moment just to let you know that we could not be happier with your product and your customer service.  This is not the first time that we have had a pleasant experience dealing with your staff, but I can’t imagine ever having a better story than the one I am about to tell you.  Yesterday I got a call from Sandy who told me that you were not going to make Anastasia any more. I have had my heart set on seeing my 10 month old granddaughter in those shoes with a specific onesie tutu in her First Birthday pictures.  I was so upset.  So Sandy went on a mission and as I learned today, the whole operation (warehouse and all) picked up the battle cry to find for me the last 6-12 month Anastasia left in the world!!  I am just THRILLED! We love your product – (refuse to sell those OTHER baby shoes) and commend you for the team you have put together to get them to market.  They have proven they are willing to go above and beyond to satisfy your customers."
    - Kathy R. & Tammy B., Madison's Avenue (Millbrook, NY)

"I just wanted to thank you for the VERY fast return.  I love my new shoes and they are so cute on my son.  I love your product and customer service. I will recommend them to all of my friends with small children."
        - Christin W.

"Great job! I ordered for my store today and the person on the phone was so pleasant. It's so refreshing to have good people on the other end of the phone. Your product is terrific and we hope to be a customer for a long time."
        - Tania Y. (The Kids Klothesline - Perrysburg, OH)

"I just want to let you know that I am so pleased with my order. I received it within a day and I think that is just great. Thank you again and I will be buying many more."
        - Lexis J.

"I  just want to say that I was very very impressed with everyone at pediped®. It has been a long time since I have dealt with a company with such great customer service. Not only are the shoes I bought for my son so cute, he loves wearing them. He is just beginning to walk and hated all the shoes I put on him, until his pediped® shoes came in the mail. I have already told all my friends with babies about how wonderful your product is. Thanks again for all you help and I look forward to dealing with you again soon."
        - Christine S. (Wall, NJ)

"I just want to thank you for such fantastic service. My daughter Gracie loves her pediped®  shoes! I placed my order just 2 days ago and we recieved our shoes today! Gracie lost one of her shoes when we were out shopping. We tried another well known name brand shoes, but they just weren't her pediped®  shoes. She would not keep them on her feet. Out local store does carry them, but were sold out in her size. Happily we turned to internet shopping and found exactly what we were looking for. Gracie is happy to have her Pedipeds back. We're looking forward to the boots to your new line coming out this spring!"
        - Cher

"I just want to tell you how much I (and my daughter, Molly) love your shoes!  She wears them almost everyday and I'm trying to decide which pair to order next.  Also I must comment on your wonderful customer service.  My order was lost in the mail and you expedited a new pair to me at no extra charge.  I tell all my friends about pediped® shoes!  Thank you."
     - Leigh L.

"This is the first time I have ever purchased your product and I can say with great confidence you will be receiving my business again. The over all quality far exceeded my expectations and the styling is outstanding! I would also like to compliment you on the delivery time. I ordered the boots on Monday and they were delivered to my home by Wednesday. Now this is what I call customer service.....fantastic product and unexpected delivery time frames.  Thanks so much and I truly look forward to doing business with you in the future!"
    - Cindy C. (New Berlin, WI)

"Thank you so much for your outstanding commitment to customer service and  for your beautiful, high quality shoes. I just bought two pair of shoes for my daughter yesterday at 9:00 am and they arrived today at 1:30 pm! I am shocked at how you got them here so fast. I tell all of the mommies I know about your company, mostly because the shoes are getting a lot of compliments! Even if the shoes weren't so cute, I would still rave about your service - thanks again!"
    - Leah and Natalia A.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your extremely quick response time and shipment of the shoes I ordered.  I cannot believe they got here already!"
    - Bryn H.

"I felt like I needed to send a little note commenting on the wonderful customer service I just received!  I ordered my daughter a pair of Olivia shoes yesterday and I received them TODAY!!!  Thinking that they would not even be shipped until next week I was amazed to have them be delivered the very next day!  And for only $5.00 in shipping costs.  Thank you again for the wonderful customer service!"
    - Annette J.

"I really want to express my great appreciation for the customer service at your company.  We purchased a pair of shoes online for my daughter two weeks before a wedding.  The shoes were one size too small and my wife was freaking out about not having them before the wedding.  I shipped them back quickly with a note.  I wish I could remember the name of the customer service person who called back, but she was very friendly and took our situation very seriously.  It is really rare to find great customer service.  I will tell anyone who is looking for shoes for their kid, even if they are not looking, I will tell them.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.  Thank you soooo much for all your help and great customer service."
    - Todd, Jennifer & Madelyn

"I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service.  There are not many people or places that go the extra mile for their customers.  I recently placed my order and there was a problem with sizing.  You quickly fixed the matter and now my son is happily running around in his new pediped™  shoes.  Your shoes are the only ones that he will actually keep on his feet! Thank you for always quickly responding to questions and helping your customers in any way that you can.  I will continue to spread the word about your great products and what great customer service you stand by.  Thanks for all your hard work!"
     - Joi T.

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the shoes I have ordered.  I was surprised and yet happy, on how quickly we received our daughter's shoes.  I will definitely order from your company and will let my friends and family know about your shoes!"
     - Elvia V.

"I just received my recently ordered two pairs of shoes from you for my daughter.  FABULOUS shoes!!  And I got them so fast!  You guys are great!  I'm buying more shoes soon and recommending you to everyone I know.  Thanks very much!"
      - Aditi C.

"I just wanted to write in and comment on how wonderful my first experience buying pediped®  shoes was.  These shoes are amazing and so well made!  I ordered two pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, the Kates were out of stock, but Brittany from customer service was kind enough to email me and tell me exactly when they would arrive.  Brittany was fast and friendly with her responses and it was greatly appreciated!  I have told all of my friends about pediped®  footwear.  I love how these little beautiful shoes just show up on my doorstep and I absolutely love the little box they come in.  Thanks again for making such amazing shoes!"
     - Tanya F.

"I have just received my order today and was amazed at how fast I got it, especially since I live in Canada.  A couple of the shoes are gifts and the others are for my daughter.  We love them all and I'm sure my friends and their babies will love them too.  Looking forward to see what styles you have in the new year.  Can't wait to place another order!"
     - Camille

"I just want to say thank you for your quick response.  I could not believe it, but when I got home yesterday there were the shoes! You turned my order around faster than is stated on the website. I am truly a loyal customer for good!"
     - Stephanie