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Reviews Written By Dianna Mattimoe

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Birthday shoes
Product Name: Flex Hayden - Navy, Red Our grandson loves his shoes. We haven't bought pedipeds for him in a long time because the only shoes he would wear were theme oriented. These shoes look good on his feet and he says they help him run faster.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: comfort,quality,durability
Spring Sandals
Product Name: Flex Willow - Lavender Our 6 year old granddaughter picked these out because of the" beautiful gems and they would go with everything". The price of the sandal I think is a little high, but the quality of the workmanship is superb. She has been wearing pedipeds since she was 9 months old. This sandal with get alot of wear.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: comfort,durability