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Reviews Written By TurtleMom

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CUTE boy shoe
Product Name: Grip 'n' Go Teddy Navy Great for my chubby guy...the shoes open up wide and his feet easily go in. Then I cinch it up tight with the velcro strap so they don't fall off. They go with everything too! A shoe I feel great about my boy wearing.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort
Amazon is great, Adrian is fantastic!
Product Name: Flex Amazon Fuchsia/Light Pink We loved these shoes! I purchased this Amazon shoe in hot pink for my daughter and she wore them every single day until she outgrew them. They are in great shape still. The only drawback with this shoe are the holes. It's a sporty style, but so comfy that my daughter wanted to wear them everywhere. The holes let sand in and made her socks dirtier than if there weren't holes. But in all, we loved them. When I went to purchase a bigger size for her next pair of shoes, I went with the Adrian style (no holes). We love that style even MORE than the Amazon. These are great shoes!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: comfort,quality,durability
Love these shoes!
Product Name: Flex Adrian Fuchsia/Light Pink These shoes are fabulous. Worth every penny. I want to order several sizes up and other colors too. They are so comfy and perfect for my daughter to wear every day... everwhere! They look cute enough with playdresses or anything she wears. She wore them to the beach the other day and I just toss them into the washer afterwards. Good as new. I also like the extra insert feature to make them fit her longer. We got size 25 for my 2 1/2 year old and they are a little big but the insert makes them great. She'll wear these for a long time.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability