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Reviews Written By Juli Y

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Sturdy shoe!
Product Name: Flex Caleb - Brown This isn't my favorite style/look, but for the sale price it was an amazing buy. All pedipeds (I've bought and loved over a dozen pair for my children so far) are very durable and well built, and this shoe was not a disappointment in those areas. My son won't be into this size until fall, so I can't speak to the comfort while wearing, but so far, so good. The camo is really understated, which is great.
Favorite Features: quality,durability
Another great pair of Adrian's
Product Name: Flex Adrian Grey/Navy Love these shoes! This is actually the second pair of this style (different color/size) that I've bought my son. He is 20 months and has been walking/running for many months now, but he really seems to feel stable and confident in these shoes. They're the perfect weight with tons of flexibility. I love how easy it is to wash them, especially this pair with all of the white and light grey. I usually just wipe them clean, but I love having the option of throwing them into the washing machine, too. My son's foot is slightly wide (still baby fat?), so if you are between sizes go up. The velcro strap is not overly generous, so a wide foot will make it feel like you can barely close it all the way. Again, moving up a size really helped this, too.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability