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Northern Ontario-Proof
Back this year to buy some more Flex Cruz boots for the winter...just to say we were living in northern Ontario last winter and these boots survived it *all*, deep snow, slush, ice, rain, minus 45...!! I really would whole-heartedly recommend. The other feature I love about them is they are not 'clunky', despite having a robust sole - I wish I could post a picture because my 3 year old particularly rocked the 'boots and caped-socks' look last winter! My only suggestion would be brighter colours please! :-)
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: durability
Great, with 1 MAJOR caveat
These boots are great - warm, decent traction, just high enough (though could be a bit taller). My beef is with the "waterproof" claim. Indeed, they do seem to be waterproof, but only up to the bottom of the tongue. It is unclear if the tongue and the uppers are waterproof, but the expanding gussets that separate those two parts are not - they are a single layer of loose-woven material, through which water easily flows. Two extended slush-stomping sessions ended with my son's feet drenched and frozen - his socks were as wet as if they'd been dunked in a full sink. Even a brief foray into water above the top of the foot resulted in telltale wetness on the socks below the gusset corners. I love Pediped for their focus on foot health and their quality footwear, but if you're calling a boot waterproof, it should be waterproof from bottom to top, not just the first couple of inches. I'd like to buy these boots again, but cannot recommend them due to this design oversight.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: comfort,durability
pediped® footwear responded to this review
We are so sorry for this issue. We have worked hard to improve the waterproofing on our boots and we think you may have received an older pair. I have reached out to you to get you a new, replacement pair.
Best boots ever!!
These boots are absolutely fantastic! My son loves them and does not clunk around in them like regular winter boots. They fit great and keep his feet nice and warm. The only complaint I have and the reason they are only getting 4 stars, is that the price did go up from last year almost $10.....not too happy about that as they were already quite expensive last year:-(. And a side note, when you measure make sure you go up a size as they do fit smaller.
Overall Fit: too small
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability
These boots can stand up to the coldest temperatures, they're comfortable and stylish boots that will keep little feet warm and dry in any weather. Lightweight, waterproof and durable, the Cruz is perfect for all winter activities!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability
Great boots!
Great boots, great price and the kids loved them too!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability
Great winter boots
I bought a pair of these for both of my boys for a trip to the snow. They were great! In cold 4 degree weather, playing in the snow for 3 days, these boots kept their feet dry and warm. Most importantly they were comfortable! I was going to buy a less expensive option, but am glad I spent a bit more for these. Great buy!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: comfort,quality,durability