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Customer Reviews for At Home Measuring Device

This product has 7 reviews.
4 out of 5 stars (Average out of 7 reviews)
This is a must have no matter the age of your child. From infant to tween and everything in between.
I was so relieved to see these. Because I am sure you understand how hard it is even on hardwood, not to mention I have carpet and had to use a book, to use a printed out page to put a baby who is just learning to cruise and get anything sort of an accurate measurement. I had to return twice. But this is exact and SO FAST which is key because babies do not like to mess around. So I bought two one as a backup and am very very pleased with it and you can use not just for pediped so its a handy little device. I definitely recommend it.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: quality,durability
Waste of Money
I was hesitant to order shoes online, but felt reassured when I found the Pediped sizing device. I measured my child's feet multiple times before placing a shoe order (6 times to be exact). Each time the longest toe on my child's larger foot measured at a size 23. I ordered two pairs of shoes, both a size 23. However, when I received the shoes, they were just over 2.5 inches too long! I should have just invested in an actual Brannock device instead of wasting $5.00 plus shipping on this cheap inaccurate piece of plastic.
Overall Fit: too large
Favorite Features: style
pediped® footwear responded to this review
So sorry you had this experience. This device is based off the Brannock system so the sizing result should be the same. If you would like to call us, we can walk you through the user's guide. Be sure that you are using the device with the heel at the proper end. If you utilize it backwards you will get an improper result. Hope that helps!
Great tool!
Very happy to have this tool at home. It saves me from guessing the (usually the wrong size) for my little guys, as well as it saves time from having to go to the store with the kids, something they do not enjoy doing. Thank you for making this available!
Overall Fit: true to size
True to Size, Great Fit
I've ordered several shoes from Pediped in the past, but at least half the time I buy the wrong size and the shoes are too big. I love Pediped's new sizing tool! I measured my son's feet and was surprised to find he was smaller than I thought. I bought the size that he measured and FINALLY the Flex Sahara sandals I ordered fit perfectly. Thanks for saving me tons of returns in the future!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability
Nice to Have
Since we have been ordering pedipeds for 6 years now, and I usually buy on sale, we have shoes for both children waiting in the closet. I was happy to add this to my recent purchase so that I can easily measure their feet and be sure when it's time to pull out the next sizes. It's much easier to measure their feet on a solid surface with a heel back like this than on a piece of paper. GREAT IDEA for regular customers that order exclusively online! It did come with a small note that hand sanitizer or lotion could cause the letters to rub off, which is odd (next time choose another ink?), but my brand new one had a few words already missing, almost as if someone packing it had used lotion?
Favorite Features: style
At Home Measuring Device
Very handy as I can only order online, saves me guessing what size to order & "hoping for the best".
Overall Fit: true to size
foot measures
Very good
Overall Fit: true to size