Customer Reviews for Flex Shoreline - Navy, Orange

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Great for splashing!
My 2 year old has worn these all summer. This may have been the best clothing/shoe purchase ever for him! He wears them every single day and they still look great. There is a fountain that kids can play in in the park we frequent (nearly every day) and he is always jumping into it with these on. Between that, and sprinklers, and even wearing them in the pool, he has worn them every day and they are no worse for the wear. My one complaint would be that he did receive some blisters while wearing them when they were wet, but it hasn't happened in a while so I think he successfully broke them in. Great shoe!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: quality,durability
Best Summer Shoe!
We bought these strictly for outside play. My son wears them every night to play outside in our neighborhood. He plays in sand, mud, and water. July is almost over and they still look amazing. He has never had a blister and the fit is great. Worth every penny!
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: comfort,quality,durability
Good choice for narrow feet
I've the same experience. Great quality shoes, however my boy has a normal foot and it is hard to put on, very narrow at the top. Used to have Amazon and Sahara before those have a wider opening and are easier to put on. This style could be a good choice for a narrow feet.
Overall Fit: too small
Favorite Features: durability
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Extremely Stiff
It's a struggle to put these water sandals on every time. My 14-month-old winces and cries. He's very comfortable walking in the shoes once they are on, but the construction is extremely stiff for the process of putting the shoes on.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: durability
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Odd fit?
Wish there'd been some reviews on this sandal. Ordered a pair one size higher than last year's Saharas (which he can still get into) for my son. The Saharas fit very well, these Shorelines he had an incredibly hard time getting on and refused to try on again. I think it might be an issue with the tightness at the top arch of the foot. He has a normal arch as far as I know. He's been in pedipeds (sandals, shoes and sneakers) since he could walk and he is now 7. Never had any issue with getting any pedipeds on in the past. Wish we'd gone with Saharas again! Quality otherwise looks high as usual. I'll have to return these (from Canada :-( ) unfortunately.