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Customer Reviews for Originals Gehrig Navy/Royal

This product has 5 reviews.
5 out of 5 stars (Average out of 5 reviews)
Very Nice Shoes
I got these for my little boy for when he starts to make attempts to get on his feet. they are beautiful little shoes. they wont fit him for another month or two but im delighted i bought them
Favorite Features: style,quality
Pediped is a good shoe wish the sizes were longer though!
I LOVE Pediped. They fit so well for babies who have a wider "flinstone" foot. I am not too impressed with the sizing on the 18-24 months shoe however. It doesn't seem to be much different in size to the 12-18 month shoe. I don't know if my son just is skipping a size or what, but it is a bit discouraging because I just bought him a pair of the next size up and they seem to be a bit too small. I wish there was an XL option!! But overall, I love the Originals. I am going to try the Grip n' Gos soon to see how they are, because we look to be needing Size 22 now. They are well made, wider shoes, and we always get so many compliments on them! They are soft and comfortable for healthy foot growth!
Overall Fit: too small
Great toddler shoe!
I love this shoe! It fits great, is easy to adjust, is flexible and seems comfortable for toddlers learning to walk. What's even better is that the soles have a slight texture so they are safer for lttle ones. When we put these on my grandson, he literally has a spring in his step. He loves wearing them. Would highly recommend.
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability
Good shoes
My son is only 12 months old, but apparently he has huge feet, because I had to buy him 18-24 month shoes! Regardless, these shoes seem quite comfortable for him. He doesn't try to get them off and basically forgets he has them on. I let him go barefoot all summer, and still leave the shoes off as much as I can, but now that the weather is cooling down, shoes are becoming necessary. He's almost walking, and once he's a bit steadier on his feet I'll be trying the more supportive Pediped models. I like the quality and style, and he seems to like the comfort.
Overall Fit: true to size
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality
Perfect first shoe for beginner walker
Excellent first shoe for my 12 month son. He is taking his first few steps on his own. He loves wearing these shoes for an outdoor stroll. I feel confident that the pediped original will keep his feet developing naturally. Only wish they made one more larger size. He is currently wearing the 18-24 month size, and it fits him perfectly right now. I'll have to move up to the Grip n Go before he is actually ready for the next stage in pedipeds.
Overall Fit: too small
Favorite Features: style,comfort,quality,durability