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Who may register a school for the program?
We recommend that a leader of the PTA or PTO register your school, as we find this is usually the most efficient way to spread the word about the program. However, anyone from your school, or associated with your school, may register your school.

Is my school currently registered in the pedipedschools program?
Search for your school here to see if it is already registered.

How does my school receive credit for purchases?
Your school will receive a unique code upon registering for the program. pediped® will track all purchases attributed to your school’s code and give 10% back in the form of a check to your school.

Who can use my school's code?
Anyone who would like to support your school can use your school’s code. We encourage parents and staff to pass the code along to friends and family so they can participate, too!‌

How do I apply my school’s code to a purchase?
When you are checking out on, enter your school's code in the Promotion Code box. If you are shopping at the pediped® store in Henderson, Nevada, or Las Vegas, Nevada, you can give our school’s code to the cashier.‌

How long do I have to earn money for my school?
You can earn money for your school 365 days a year. In June, pediped® will send a check for the twelve-month period ending May 15. Any money earned after May 15 will be credited to the following year.

Where and when will the check be sent?
The check will be made out to the school, and the principle or school director will decide how to distribute funds. Checks will be sent on or around June 15.

How much can my school earn?
Each school can earn up to a maximum of $10,000 per year.

How can I track my school’s earnings?
Look up your school here to check your school's earnings.

What happens if I forget to enter my code?
At this time, a code cannot be applied once you have placed an order. The ability to apply a code to an already-placed order should be available in the future. Please contact with any questions.

How do we change our school’s contact information?
Email to change your school’s contact information.